One Book Down, One To Go…

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun...

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun…

It’s funny how the excitement of writing, then finishing, then rewriting a book tends (for me, at least) to be an on again/off again, then on again romance.
I mean, getting the first manuscript of a new story done then sending it out to a few beta readers and finding out their thoughts can be somewhat daunting but, when you believe in what you are doing…well, there you go…it’s on again and back to the old keyboard.
I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to write a story unlike any I have ever read. With that in mind, I have to add; Haven’t we all, as writers, done that? Don’t we all have a story unlike anybody else’s?
So, back to the old keyboard.
But this time, to fix what I have missed.
Shadow of Tunguska is coming along nicely and I am still hoping for a late spring release.
In the meantime–once again, here’s a taste from the book that started it all.
Hill of Great Darkness
Enjoy a little Christian-based sci-fi.

On Magellan, Simone Sytte had tossed and turned all night. The previous evening’s interview seemed to go well enough, but yet, there was something gnawing at her from deep inside her spirit. Surely the entire planet wasn’t as absurdly paranoid with a nuclear powered spacecraft as Jessica Vandale seemed to be. Yet, there felt like there was something more, something much more. With still a full hour to go before her alarm would sound, Simone decided to get up and get a head start on the day. She wisely abandoned the idea of jumping from her bed onto the floor as she remembered the rather awkward experience she had had just a couple of weeks ago during Magellan’s first trial run to the moon.
Artificial gravity onboard Magellan was limited to a light ‘negative’ magnetic charge imbedded in the crews clothing material while the whole interior flooring of the ship had an equally miniscule ‘positive’ magnetic charge (a rather ingenious use of a magnetic field Simone mused). However, one could easily enough ‘break orbit’ by, oh lets say, jumping out of ones bed with a little too much zeal. It is so embarrassing to spend twenty minutes hovering near the ceiling trying to ‘swim’ to the nearest wall so you can ‘walk’ your way down to the floor. But, alas, that is exactly what had happened to Simone.
At least, she thought to herself, she didn’t have to call for help.
Nevertheless, Simone was acclimatizing well enough to space travel. She had loved the trip up on the Yangtze, especially the ‘fancy maneuvers’ as Dr. Armone called them, en route to Magellan. Truth is, Simone simply loved to fly and she loved flights that were especially turbulent, much to the chagrin of fellow passengers who would be holding on to anything for dear life while Simone would sit and smile and let out the occasional “wee!” when the airliner would suddenly lose altitude. Yes indeed, Uganda’s unofficial ‘princess’ was a tough girl, fearless and bright. However this morning she cautiously, gingerly slipped out of her bunk and spoke quietly to her Hummingbyrd computer; “Little Shepherd”
“Run worship scenario P-Twenty Three on LGD, full exterior view please.”
Even as she spoke, all of her exterior walls, ceiling, and even a small section of flooring changed from the light metallic blue to transparent, revealing a breathtaking view not only of Earth, but also, to her leftmost view, she could see the moon in a crescent phase and in the distance Mars was shining, almost beckoning to whomever would come. Magellan was cruising up from Antarctica and would soon pass over the equator in the Indian Ocean. In just over three hours they would be on the other side of the planet. Magellan would be cruising silently over North America, preparing to embark on mankind’s newest space adventure.
The IGS system, Simone thought (and hoped), would do for space travel what jet (and now hyper-jet) engines did for Earthbound aircraft. Realizing the importance of the day before her, as well as the busyness that would soon envelop her and the other crew members, Simone began to read the words aloud that were emblazoned in the very air before her in eight inch white letters;
“The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not be in want—“

Hope y’all have a good week!
Don’t forget that you are loved with an everlasting love that defies logic and understanding.
God Bless!

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(For)Getting the Grade

teacher's apple
So, it’s the beginning of another year and I still find myself reading the various posts of folks who have received bad reviews for their books.
Now, I understand how we, as writers, are pleased as pickles when someone likes our work and takes the time to do a rating/review online telling everybody world-wide that they ‘liked’ our book–our ‘baby’. But do we REALLY expect EVERYONE to like what we wrote?
Maybe in a galaxy far, far away that could happen.
But…we’re here on Earth and there are a lot of people who have a lot of different tastes and just as many available choices.
And, unfortunately for you (ahem…or me), they didn’t like the choice they made by reading your book.
Boo Hoo.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not belittling you or making fun of you because you are crushed or heartbroken over your first bad review…
or your ten thousandth…
I just want to share a couple of things that we, as writers, need to remember.
Let me ask this question; How many of you writers out there have heard people tell you that they want to write a book…or they tell you they have a great idea and it is still in their head?
Okay, now…how many of those same people have taken the time out of their busy lives, missed events in their own children’s lives, stayed up late on work nights, took unknown trips to the library (or to the google gangway) to do the needed research, slaved for hours and hours over their keyboard making every word count, and actually produced a work that they are proud of?
Yeah, y’all know the answer to that one, don’t you?
Everybody’s a writer these days.
No, seriously!
I am so proud to have gone in my Amazon ranking from six or seven MILLION something–something, to just over five million.
Go ahead…laugh.
You just need to know that you’re laughing WITH me, not AT me. ‘Cause I’m laughing, A WHOLE LOT!
It’s hilarious when you realize all the people who are able to put out books these days with print on demand as well as various other publishing tools and we think our book is gonna be a grand slam right off the bat (okay, I’m guilty here too!).
Remember, twenty years ago five out of six MILLION writers and their books would have NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED! You and I are more than likely in that group of the aborted primordial soup of literature.
Someone might have given you a bad review for your e-book formatting…for your artwork on the cover…or, it’s too short, or too long…
Live with that and laugh. But learn from it.
Now, when they have some serious stuff to say (and yes, Virginia…it can hurt) Take note of what is being said and……….
What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.
Oh, and in case you didn’t know……
Star Wars was HATED by the critics (at least, most of them) and was laughed at by those same critics as they proclaimed…
“It will never amount to anything.”
Write on, my friends
Learn, don’t cry
Fight with your pen
Don’t lay down and die……

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Interview With H.C. Beckerr…Part II


How does being a Christian writer influence your writing, your science fiction writing?
Oh, my…! It has everything to do with what I write as a follower of the Son of God! We believers know that sometimes the Lord helps us get through the hard times while, at other times, He shows up to help us get into more trouble. Trouble that always glorifies Him. That is what happens in HOGD. Staying true to our faith in the midst of ever mounting trials and tribulations.
You know, when I was writing the first draft for the story, telling people what I was up to, many of those people were amazed that someone would attempt such a feat. Many even told me it couldn’t be done. That’s like saying “AMEN!” while the preacher is preaching, giving him the fuel to continue, like saying “sick ’em” to an attack dog!
I wanted to show what real Christianity looks like, sounds like, smells like. How we often fail and fall AND how the Lord raises us up and gives us the strength to continue. The stories I write are about Him. He is the only One I concern myself with. That’s why you’ll never see the profanity or sex in one of my stories that you would typically see elsewhere in the genre. I like to think of what I do as the Christian branch of science fiction and call it; Chri-fi.

So, did you learn anything along the way as you wrote HOGD?
As a matter of fact, after the book went to print (POD), my wife told me to read a particular page, a specific paragraph. I was very familiar with that section and I read it several times and could not, for the life of me, find the error that she had found. She read the line to me and all I could do was laugh. The line was supposed to read; “…right under his very own feet…” but, to my amused horror, read; “right under very his feet” OOPS!!! That is when the Spirit of the Lord whispered to my heart; “How many times have you read portions of My Scripture and missed what I wanted you to see simply because you had read it so many times and thought you had gleaned all there was to harvest?” GULP!!!

For you personally, what is the best thing about being a writer?
I want to be able to share the Jesus of the Bible in new ways. To make people think about the claims of the Bible in new ways. To think outside the box. I have never, by any stretch of imagination, been considered ‘normal’. I want to be all that God has designed me to be and not worry about what others think. I don’t necessarily go by the rules, but I do go by the Book.
You know, the Gospel message truly transcends time, it is just as relevant today as it was two thousand years ago. People haven’t changed, the only difference is our technology. Our desires are the same, our toys are different. God hasn’t changed either. He still hates our sin and wants to save us from…( in a very real way) ourselves! In some way, I hope to be able to convey that simple message to whoever will listen. Or read.
Now, with all that being said, if I could say something to anyone struggling to ‘find’ themselves as a writer (or as anything else), I would simply say this; Be true to yourself, to your faith. Don’t try to please everybody. Try to please the Lord, He’s the One Who allows you to do what you want to do. All I hope…all I want to hear is “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Or, if I could steal (OOOPS!…I mean borrow) a line from the movie INDEPENDANCE DAY; “Not bad, not bad at all.”

mounds sunset plus 056MOUNDS 6.13.12 348MOUNDS 6.13.12 280

H.C. Beckerr is the author of HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS and he resides in the St. Louis area. Over the past ten years he has served as an interim pastor at a small Baptist church, an associate pastor, as well as a youth pastor in the St. Louis area, all the while working on his first novel and now putting the final touches on the long awaited sequel to HOGD; SHADOW OF TUNGUSKA
A love for the outdoors as well as a love for mystery and the unknown things of life was fostered in his early childhood by his many visits to an archeological site not far from his home known as Cahokia Mounds. This is where the idea for his Christian based Science Fiction novel was spawned, nurtured, and brought to life.
Being a man of faith and family, as well as having a love for his country, is at the epicenter of all that entails this simple mid-western man. He can be found on Facebook pages H.C. Beckerr, Henry Martin, and HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS as well as reached at

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Interview with H.C. Beckerr…Part I

Taking a couple weeks off from the blog, so here is one of the interviews I have done recently. Hope y’all enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tell us about your book. Is it part of a series?
HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS is what I like to call classic science fiction. It is the story of a new type of spacecraft that is designed to test new types of drive or rocket propulsion systems. It’s not set far into the future (2037), in fact, we are still wanting to make that first trip to Mars. Following along the infamous classical sci-fi storyline, on her first mission something goes terribly wrong (or terribly right depending on the individual readers’ pessimistic/optimistic viewpoint) and instead of making it half way to Mars in a five second engine test, the crew find themselves a little farther out than they expected… in orbit around the ringed planet Saturn. So now, the question is; how did this happen? One could think of it as 2001 meets Raiders of the Lost Ark (ahem…without the aliens).
While HOGD was not truly intended as a series, Book II (not the real title, I just like to do that to people. Oh, all right…it’s called SHADOW OF TUNGUSKA) picks up right after the first book ends. In all truthfulness, I would have liked to do parts I and II as a single edition story but was concerned about my first published novel being a five to six hundred page monster that could also double as a weapon on a dark, lonely street…not what I considered a good idea for an unknown writer. So, I opted to split the story and Part II is the current project I am working on, hoping to get the first draft done by early Summer 2014.

How did you come up with the idea for Hill of Great Darkness?
Simply put; The Da Vinci Code. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but it’s true. I had just finished a one semester class at Brookes Bible Institute (one of the best-kept secrets of St. Louis) on Church History when one of my church’s associate pastors challenged us to read the D.V. Code so that we could be ready for the onslaught of questions that would be (and definitely was) posed by the generally unbelieving public concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. I was engulfed in the story, recognizing every twist that was put on historical truth. Many of the things in Code I had just finished studying in class and I saw the lies (I don’t mean that in a bad way….well maybe….) that were used by twisting the truth and thought to myself, “If someone can do that to smear my Saviors’ Name, couldn’t I do the same to bring Him glory?” The fast paced, scene changing landscape of Code also spurred me on to try that style for myself and so far, the reviews seem to indicate that it was a successful move. In fact, one reader compared it to a rollercoaster ride that once you get over the first hill climb, it’s a downhill ride that never stops until you crash and burn at the end. That kind of stuff is fun to hear!!!

Next week, part II of the interview with H.C. Beckerr

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But, Wait…There’s More!

eclipse shadow
In the three-and-a-half years since its release, I am still amazed at the reviews HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS continues to garnesh. Most end with the subtle (as well as not-so-subtle) question as to the release of the second and final installment of the story.
What most do not realize is that I wanted to incorporate the entire storyline into one book but, seeing as that would have been a five-hundred page novel…………..
Not even.
Honestly folks, being a newcomer to the publishing arena, I didn’t think it wise to put out such a lengthy (as well as expensive) foray into the world of Science-Fiction storytelling.
Not to mention the even more unknown world of Christian Science Fiction (which I have come to call Chri-Fi)
But, never-the-less………………………………..
the sequel is coming.
Yeah, I know, I’ve been saying that for about six months now.
So, as not to bore you with the sometimes nightmare world of editing…………..
How about another taste of Book I with the promise of Book II on the not-to-distant horizon?
Many thanks to my fans for their patience……..

“I sure hope you’re a good shot professor” was all Martin heard as he sat on the ground with the gun barrel in his mouth. How long had he been here? Who is talking to him anyhow? He realized that he had not been on top of the mound for more than five, maybe ten minutes trying to work up the nerve to pull the trigger, so he slowly opened his eyes and to his left saw a rather imposing, well dressed black man standing holding a large handgun by the barrel.
“I’ve seen the result of people who don’t know how to use guns, let alone use a little pea shooter like you got there. Never know what that tiny bullet will do. Ricochet round in your head, bounce off a metal filling in your mouth and BAM! You’re wounded for life. No sir, if you want to do it right, here. This is a Government Issue .40 caliber handgun. Take most of your head clean off of your shoulders. That’s what ya want, isn’t it Dr. Sherfy?”
Dr. Sherfy; been years since anyone had called him that. He was still sitting with the gun in his mouth and he was beginning to feel a little, oh, stupid.MOUNDS 6.13.12 280
“Who are you?” he mumbled through the metal barrel in his mouth.
“How ‘bout putting that gun down so we can talk sir. We’re here to talk about your little incident yesterday.”
Then the man put his gun back into a holster under his coat. As he did, Martin saw the glimmer of some kind of badge on the holster. The man was about five feet away and started to squat down so he could talk eye to eye with Martin. Slowly his own .22 caliber came out of his mouth and he simply laid it on the grass before him. Now he could speak English a little better.
“Who are you?”
Taking a deep breath the letting it out in hushed rush the black man spoke as his eyes were clearly surveying his surroundings.
“Professor Sherfy, my name is Daniel Blackstone and this is my associate Mr. Smithton.”
Martin hadn’t even noticed the other man who was on his right. As he looked over to him he saw his .22 handgun in the man’s hands. Smitty simply smiled and said “Howdy.”MOUNDS 6.13.12 348
Martin sat there and buried his chin into his chest. He had never felt so humiliated in his life!
“I don’t know what you want, but, I don’t think I’m interested.” was all he could say.
“Oh, I don’t know about that, from what I gather you’re one of the top dogs when it comes to this mound. Your friend over at the museum said so, your academic transcripts say so, even your former employer says so.”
“You’ve been at the campus?”
“We’ve been looking for you sir.” Blackstone said as he stood sweeping the grass from his pant legs then offered his hand to Martin.
Looking up into his eyes Martin said “You still haven’t told me who you are.”
“Let’s just say we have a mutual interest sir. We’re standing on it in fact.” Then Daniel Blackstone looked deeply into Martin Sherfy’s eyes and said “There’s a secret under this mound and I need, actually sir your country needs, your help.”
“That’s, without a doubt, the most cliché line I have ever heard in my life.”
At that Blackstone began to laugh then admitted “I know; it’s the best I could do and besides,” he now stopped laughing and slightly raised his eyebrows “It’s true.”
“Who are you guys?”
In the six or seven minute walk from the top of Monks Mound to the parking area on the eastern side, Martin Sherfy had been told the entire story of the Magellan incident and the possibility (or impossibility he thought to himself) of a black hole residing right under his very own feet.old r.r.
“So what do you want with me?” he asked as they opened the car door for him.
“Think doctor, you’re an archeologist; find us a way in.”
“A way in?”
“Yes sir, a way in. There has to be a way to get into that area underground. A cavern, tunnel, something.”
Martin got into the sedan dumbfounded. These guys can’t be serious. They would have to be a couple drunken idiots to think there was a way to saunter their way one mile down beneath his beloved mound. That’s when he smiled. Something about ‘drunken idiots’ triggered a memory of an old story or, more accurately, a local fable he had heard years ago.
“Do you find something amusing professor?” Daniel Blackstone asked him as he narrowed his gaze in an uncomfortably menacing sort of way.
“Go straight up this road to the left. It will take you to Main Street.”
“And what will we find there professor?”
“Collinsville Public Library, I want to do a little digging. Um, no pun intended guys.”
The two men in the front seat both laughed as they turned east on old business forty and headed back toward Collinsville. In less than ten minutes they were pulling up in front of the library and Daniel looked at Martin and spoke in a hushed, ominous tone.
“May I remind you Dr. Sherfy, the information you are privy to is truly classified. We will be watching and listening to everything you say and do sir.”
“Who are you guys, really?”
“We are your best friends in the whole world sir. Or, we are your worst nightmare. It all depends on you Dr. Sherfy.”
Sitting in the back seat behind the driver, Martin slid over to the passenger side and said “Look fellas, I don’t believe this black hole story of yours for a minute but, I do think you could be on to something here”
“Is that a fact professor? Why is that?”
“Do you know that this area’s main source of income at one time was coal mining?”
At that both men turned their full attention to their new found professor friend. “No, we didn’t know that but, please go on sir.”
“Well, it seems to me that when I was a little guy growin’ up, there was a story about a couple of men that started a mine and then just a couple of days later shut it down and moved to another area of town and started another mine. To this day, no one knows where that original mine shaft was for sure.”
“So, you think this old shaft could be our way in?”
Martin continued, “These two men got drunk one night and told the people at the local tavern that their original shaft led straight to the gates of hell.”
With that, Daniel threw open his door and said “Let’s go visit your library Dr. Sherfy.”

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kinkaid.wars 001It was just two weeks before Christmas when all through the stores,
the signs announced the prices were lower, lower, lower.
Lower than Black Friday
Lower than Cyber Monday, yes…
lower than they had ever been before.
So I jumped in the mini and said, “Oh, what the heck, a Humvee I’ll need so I can load it all before I come back!”
So, while the children were all singing in their school play
hoping American Idol would soon come their way
to judge and to cringe at the sound they were making
then eat all the cookies that the mothers had been baking.
I ran to this store and then that store being on my list
needing to find the best place and not let the best price be missed.
Then out on the highway there arose such a clatter
a TOYS ‘R’ US truck had just rolled over and splattered
Ten tons of toys on the concrete and stone
but before I could get there,
the truck had been picked to the bone.
But the driver was so tiny, so little and quick
that before the police arrived he had called PROGRESSIVE
and Flo pulled up and pulled out all the tricks.
The truck jumped aright as if all on its own
while Flo was clapping and laughing as she talked on her phone.
The truck drove away even though it was empty and bare
while the police in the helicopter just hovered and stared.
One cruiser then two cruisers now three and then four
pulled up to the toy spill
but the spill was no more.
So I then called the green gecko with whom I was known
and asked if there was a shorter way for me to get home
and get there, alas! before the children I said with a cry
santageckoto unload this Humvee and find a place to hide
all the presents that I bought while on my wild drive.
“No worry mate” was all that he said as he twinkled his nose;
I found myself at home with the sound of a Star Destroyer flying overhead.
And that’s the last time I fall asleep reading Christmas sale ads while lying on my bed.

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Been watching the news lately?
Here in the St. Louis area there has been no shortage of it lately.
Yeah, talking about the Ferguson riots and protests that seem to be not only on local news but, hey…
I mean like…even ISIS (which, by the way is SISI backwards) has offered to help these poor folks out.
But who needs those guys when you have Reverend Sharpton in town?
Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not taking aim at anybody
well almost anybody.
Okay, there are two people that I really feel need to be called out and blamed for this mess.
Who are they, you ask?
Adam and Eve.
Say WHAT????
You read right. Adam and Eve.
The two who started it all way back in the Garden of Eden.
The ones who felt it was necessary to ignore God just one time and have it their way (I, personally, never realized that there was a Burger King in the garden…who knew?)
Ever since that fateful day back in Mankind’s humble beginnings, we have spiraled downward, out of control, into the mess we are now in….
And it’s not getting any better on its own.
Look, how many of you boomers out there would have ever suspected this mighty nation become the shadow of it”s former self just in the time we’ve been on this old world?
I mean, really!
I can remember looking up at the Flag knowing that as long as it was flying high….
America was safe.
I’m not so sure of that anymore.
We are becoming a danger to ourselves.
Most of our children in high school right now have no idea of how the judicial system works let alone the difference between right and wrong.
We have become a nation of spoiled children…used to getting our way.
Reminds me of a time in Israel’s past when the nation turned her back on God because they had houses they never built….
wells they never dug…Israel's FlagVineyards and orchards they never planted…
and they became prideful.
They thought they had it all because they deserved it.
Kinda like how the young people nowadays feel here.
We deserve that new house…
that new game system…
that new car…
all before we reach the age of twenty!
Have we forgotten how to teach our children the simple basics of life that helped propel this nation into the world leader that it once was…
the world’s richest nation of a past generation…
the symbol of freedom to the world?
bible-american-flag1Have we forgotten the lessons taught us in the Bible of those who turned their backs on the LORD?
The evidence of the danger of leaving God out of the day-to-day equation of life is no different than the trouble-makers in Ferguson who ignore the evidence of the events surrounding the death of Michael Brown Jr.
We only see what we want to see.
That’s what the problem is.
Truth is not subjective.
It is truth.
And the truth is;
America needs Jesus more now than ever before

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America, Who Are You Praying To?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking….
No, this is NOT another post slamming the current President of the United States.
It IS a post slamming the absurd hypocrisy that is rampant in our country today.
Here we go……………….
Yet another shooting in a college this past week and people are all over the media asking for prayers.
I’m ok with that, but;
Who is America praying to???
Judging by the fact that we are constantly facing lawsuits in our cities for Manger scenes at Christmastime…
seeing lawsuits arise over opening prayers voluntarily offered up before school athletic competitions…
workers in some of the largest stores in America told not to say Merry Christmas but instructed to say Happy Holidays.
Now, I’m cool with that one (saying Happy Holidays) as long as it is voluntary and not enforced by threat of job security. After all, the root meaning of the word ‘Holiday” means ‘Holy Day’.
A lot of ignorant people are not aware of that one…te hee hee…
Judging by all the evidence…
America is NOT praying to the God Who gave us our freedom.
People are saying that we are not a ‘Christian Nation’ any longer.
They say that there are just as many other folks in our country from other belief systems that to call us a ‘Christian Nation’ is incorrect.
Judging by numbers they could be right.
But the question begs to be asked…
It isn’t about numbers and population.
It’s about ideals and morals.
And it always has been about ideals and morals.
I have been blessed by the fact that I have had the opportunity to travel to our Nation’s Capital not once, but twice in recent years.
Now I’m gonna tell y’all something you may not be aware of…
Something our politicians aren’t going to share…..
Something the Muslim movement in America is not going to mention….
Something that the Gay agenda is remaining quiet about…
AND….something that makes the ACLU cringe.
What is it, you ask?
Bible Scripture.
All over the Mall area of Washington DC the Word of God is etched in marble for the whole world to see.
There are no quotes from the QuranSkeleton_praying
no quotes from the Dali Lama
no words of inspiration from the Hindu world….
So, who do the unbelievers, the elite, educated, enlightened ones of America pray to?
They are praying to a god who doesn’t exist, an idol they have created in their own image;
It isn’t the only true, only real, only Living God.
For if it was to Him, our nation would be in a much different shape and a whole lot healthier than it is now.
Anyone who disagrees with that has never truly read the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE or THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
They have also never been to the Nation’s Capitol to see the Glory of God’s Word etched forever in marble and stone.
Want to see the school shootings stop?
Want to see an end to the murder of helpless babies?
Want to see an end to the current reign of political corruption?
Want to see America become the Light to the world that she once was?
Then get on your knees and pray.
Not to Allah or any other false god or ideal.
Pray to the God of our Founding Fathers.
The Holy One of Israel.
The Living God Who holds the universe in the span of His hand.
Ask Him to help America.
Before it’s too late……………………………………………………

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Creation verses evolution…nothing new here, right?
As of a week or so ago, the Roman Catholic’s supreme ruler has announced that
“…evolution is not inconsistent with the notion of creation.”
So, the Bible speaks of six literal days of creation and has never reneged on that stance.
The authors and creators of the evolution THEORY have had to constantly add years, ages, even billions of more years to try to make this theory palatable to the ‘smartest’ minds.
Does anyone smell something here?
I mean, really!
Look, when I was in the sixth grade (and, YES….I did have to ride my dinosaur to school in six feet of snow, uphill both ways) the evolutionists were proclaiming millions of years ago we were primordial soup getting ready to start swinging from trees and dinosaurs ruled the Earth.
Then it became hundreds of millions of years…
Then the ‘B’ word came in to the equation because millions of years just wasn’t long enough for life to appear from out of nothing.
And so, billions of years of evolution entered into our think-tank of the universe as we know it.
Now, I’m no genius, and my little pea-brain has trouble enough programming a CD playing sequence, but….
How does four and a half billion years of universal evolution coincide with a literal six-day creation scheme?
I mean…if Roman Catholicism is truly a CHRISTIAN faith denomination….
How does changing God’s word fit into their faith?
It certainly doesn’t fit into mine.
I believe the Bible.
Evidently the Roman Catholics (at least the leadership in the highest order) do not believe God’s word.
Listen…read the Genesis account of “…the evening and the morning”;garden-of-eden
a twenty-four hour period.
And, sports fans….God said“it was GOOD.”
Now, don’t think I am just taking aim at the Roman Catholic Church…..
Many of we Protestants are leaning farther and farther away from God’s truth.
Not Henry’s truth.
Not Billy Graham’s truth.
Not Carl Pagan’s…um, I mean Sagan’s truth (don’t get me wrong…I liked Mr. Sagan…he was just so wrong about so much)
Look, many modern scientists are distancing themselves as far away from the evolution timeline as they can because….
are you ready for this?
So, what are these scientists looking into now?
They see the incredibly complex order of the universe.
They see the impeccably exacting mathematics involved not only in the universe that is all around us (Cosmology), but deep inside the human DNA code itself.
They know these things were DESIGNED BY SOMEONE.
They just don’t want to call that Someone GOD.
‘Cause then they would have to answer to Him.
Guess what pilgrim???
You will answer to Him one day.
But not me….no sir.
I done did (any editors cringing out there?) my answering…
At the cross of Jesus Christ.
The Son of the Living God.
Every day my soul answers to Him with every breath that He gives me…
In Praise
And Thanksgiving.
By the way…
I do believe in the Big Bang and, let me tell you;
It is NO theory…
God spoke and BANG! It all happened.
on mountain
One final thought…..
In Rome, at the Vatican…
In America, in our liberal churches
There is a turning away from the Truth of God’s word.
Evolution, Homosexuality, and anything else you want to throw in is now O.K.
Could this be the “falling away” that is mentioned of the End Times in II Thessalonians 2:3?
I’m ready for that final day…
Repent (turn away from what you know to be wrong)
and turn to Jesus for salvation.
He will turn no one away who asks for His forgiveness.
Those are His words.
Not mine.

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Once upon a time I dreamed of writing a book or two
I dreamed of the romance and accolades
Thinking that once done,
I would have it made.
After all, there are men like Hemingway, Twain, and Poe…
Women like Shelly, Wilder, and Cherryh
With my fortune waiting….
Why should I tarry?
With the nature of fallen humanity residing in me
It is so easy to make up a lie or two.9781449717957_cover.indd
Me thinks fiction is in the offing
So the impossible is what I’ll do.
I’ll write of lands, and people, and hope differed
of new planets and stars and the dark
Yes, indeed…science fiction
that is where I’ll start
The words may come easy
Dialogue easier still
And as a Christian without remorse or repentance
in my books yes…….I can kill.
Now, not only bad guys gotta go
but some good folk as well
You just write them out one by one
and soon your books will sell.
But then when you’re done with the story
and you still need some help
you turn to the editorsangry writer 2
who are just not……like yourself.
You begin to wrestle with nouns and verbs
actively and passively
now you’re becoming perturbed.
They change your story
and turn it all around.
Now you begin to wonder….
will we ever reach common ground?
But the day has finally come
when your book hits the market.
It’s exciting as exciting can be
You’re ready for them to sell it
then you find out the selling……is up to thee.frustrated_writer
It is just at this moment of the self-publishing route
when you realize you have just begun
and that getting a review wrote for your book
is not at all much fun.
I often think as I sit at my keyboard in the darkest of night
That if only those who read my work would post a review
that doesn’t take long to write.
Maybe folks are fearful of the things that they say
are being watched by the FBI or CIA
Or maybe they feel as if their words do not matter
or that they will never, ever be seen
as they go to the internet and chatter and scatter
their recipes.
Seventy, eighty, a hundred thousand words or more
I have written in my stories of lives and dreams
And yet readers won’t write just a few down for me
Absurd, absurd, absurd! It seems.
Getting reviews are just like praying in public
or speaking a speech
Most people won’t even do it
To get someone who likes your book to write a review?
It is just like pulling teeth
And no one likes that visit, it’s true!Dentist 2

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