14 years ago our nation realized what evil could do. Have we forgotten?


So, last week we did the END TIMES ALPHABET and I was surprised at some of the responses I received.
Pleasantly so.
One person suggested we redo the alphabet, plugging in more of the Biblical terminology available.
I thought that was a great idea so I challenged him and other readers to do just that.
Heck…I might even do that sometime.
That wasn’t the idea of last week.
Last week was to make a case of the fact that we are hurtling at warp speed into a world scenario that the Bible predicted centuries ago (this is where the desert wind sound effects should be coming out of your speakers).
For those of us all who have a basic grasp (and belief) of Biblical Prophesy, the writing is on the wall (which that term, by the way, comes from the Bible, the book of Daniel, in fact).
Now that…

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