HAWAII 2014B 024
So, we’ve talked about bad reviews….
let’s talk about good ones.
Good reviews make us smile, make us want to continue in our writing quest.
Bad reviews…..
Actually should do the same.
Good reviews point people to our writing, our style, our thoughts…
Our heart.
Bad reviews….
Do just as well at pointing people to our art, our prose, our humor, our faults…
My question today is posed upon the basis of what/who is more important to us.
It is really posed upon who is most important…
to me.
Ego trip warning here???
No. Hear me out.
You see, I cannot write about your deepest needs, wants, desires.
But I can write about mine.
My deepest longing is to accomplish that for which I have been designed, assigned, designated, and allowed to do while here on this planet that sets in the outer Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

My deepest want as a human being is to connect with others in a way that transcends culture, language, color.
And that is a direct result from….
My deepest need.
In fact, the deepest need that I have is the very same need every human needs.
And THAT is what unites humanity together…
not just now…
but those of ages past, the present age, and any remaining ages to come.
OOPs, sorry…done preaching here….
So, let’s get back to those good reviews…
The ones that make us smile, shout ‘YIPPEE”, and generally dance around our house like a happy T-Rex that has just discovered chocolate-dipped Bronto-burgers.
You know I’m telling it straight up; we rejoice when someone likes our work.
But, can we talk here…..
We are ultimately the ones who need to like our work. To be satisfied with a finished poem/story/novel/song.
We have been created in the image of our Creator to create.
To create buildings, bridges, art,
cars and TVs that are smart
that’s what some of us do.
But to paint with words….
Ah, that is a form of art that knows no bounds.
So, again…..
when you realize the power of your (i) pen
What does it matter whether someone likes or does not like what you write as long as you know you are fulfilling your destiny (Insert a Darth Vader deep breath after you say DESTINY).
Keep writing.
It is your DES TINY (haaaaw)

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