Last week we spoke of HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS and the use of history in a work of fiction.
Nothing really new there.
I simply used an area of the world with which I was familiar and wove a science fiction storyline from the disappearance of an entire civilization.
Been done before…many times…
Ever hear of Atlantis?
Anyhow, this week we are going to look at the history behind the story that I am currently working on.
A place many people have never heard of.
An event from the past century that has never truly been explained away.
I am talking about the TUNGUSKA EVENT OF 1908.
Now for all you folks who have never heard of this (yeah, you know….those of you who have never watched The Xfiles), this was an event of epic proportions.
In the wilds of Siberia on the morning of June 30th, 1908 an explosion occurred in the air above the Tunguska region that had the explosive power of one thousand times more than Hiroshima.
Leveling the forest for about eight hundred square miles, the explosion was heard–and felt–at Vanavera,…a city forty miles away.
maxresdefault (1)
One story tells of a train that was knocked off its tracks…………….
The shock wave of the blast was equal to a 5.0 on the Richter Scale……….
For two days after the blast, twilight lingered until dawn and there was no real darkness.tuntree 2
In fact, London reported what they called ‘Dawn at midnight” enveloping the city for several days.
And then there is Lake Cheko…………….
A lake that is approximately five miles to the north-northwest of the epicenter.
A lake that local folks swore was not there before that fateful morning.
Now, that’s all the history I am giving out today.
But it plays a major role as we wrap up the adventure of a thousand lifetimes.
Hill of Great Darkness part II: SHADOW OF TUNGUSKA is in its editing phase and I am hoping for a late spring/early summer release.
I was also hoping for an early fall 2014 release but that didn’t happen either!
The story really is like nothing you have ever read.
And it is based on history.
Twisted history–yes–but history non the less.

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