Are You My Friend?

friend 1
A friend is a friend and that much is true.
A friend is a friend even when you’re feeling blue.
And when you are down, they’re always around
so that’s how you tell when they’re true.
You won’t find a friend in a tree or on twitter
but you might find a bird if it doesn’t go flitter
You can find a friend when you walk along the way
when you walk and you walk and you walk all the day.
But when it gets dark and the storms all surround
you’re happy for the friend who always sticks around.
There are times when our friends are not friends at all
they are just faces on pages and names upon walls.
We may hope that they like us and wait to confirm
time again, time again…we just never learn.
We see what they say
and they say what they will
we look at their words and we feel a cold chill.
they were never a friend, and they’re not one still.
To unfriend a friend means, that they never were
a friend we could count one, a real friend for sure.
a friend that smiles when they know we are near
a friend that laughs and to our heart brings cheer
is a friend to a friend when a friend is indeed needed
someone who is trusted and loved and never has cheated
A friend when you’re blue
a friend when you’re grey
a friend in the night
and a friend all the day.
A friend close to your heart
is a friend that will stay.
Now one more thing to say about friends
the ones you find along the way
Above all these
there’s a Friend that sticks closer than a brother.
or a sister or mother.
freind 2

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