Like Father, Like Son…TRUE HEROES

father and son 1
Over one hundred years of world-wide preaching is summed up in the following four names…………………….d l moody
D.L. Moody
Billy Sunday
Billy Graham
Franklin Graham.
billy sunday
Now, for as long as I can remember the name Billy Graham has been synonymous with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Pictures of Dr. Graham flood my mind from a bygone era of evangelism that held the world captivated by the simple message of God’s love for mankind and the free gift of eternal life in Jesus.
There was once a day when all Billy needed to do was hold up the Bible and say, “God’s word says….”
Those days are gone.
That simple style is gone but certainly not forgotten.billy 2
How many millions of people have been set free from the bondage of sin and death by Billy Graham preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ? To me it is unimaginable.
But not to God.
He is doing it again through Billy’s son, Franklin.franklin 3
But…the world is a much different place now.
For the most part, Franklin Graham has been known by the work he does every Christmas with shoeboxes.
Operation Christmas Child has reached over one hundred million children world-wide with packed shoeboxes filled with toys and clothes………………………………………………………………………………………….
and love.
The love of a stranger.
And the love of God.
But, like his father before him, Franklin is not afraid to speak truth.magazine 1
Last week the son of one of the most well-known gospel preachers of all time came into his own in a gutsy, and yet loving and humble way.
He told the world the truth about Islam.
AND…he told the truth about Jesus Christ, the only Son of the One, True, Living God.
Funny, with all the news about fundamental Islam and it’s reign of terror across the globe…you would think the world would already know the truth.
Sad thing is, most are not listening.
But they will. Sadly enough when it is too late.
While Franklin told about the evils of fundamental Islam, he also told the truth about the fact that Muslims are not our enemy.
Satan is.
And he is blinding a whole lot of people.
But not quite everyone.
father and son 2
I praise God for people like Billy and Franklin Graham who love God enough to tell the truth, no matter the cost.
The world still needs to hear about Jesus.
We’re tired of hearing about Islam and its lies.
About its death and destruction, slavery, and overwhelming evil.
Wake up and smell the carnage. See the Destroyer as he is.
Turn away from him.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus.
See the Maker of all,
The Creator of the Universe.
Take a moment and read one verse from the book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. Written almost two thousand years ago and speaking of the time of the end.
Read Revelation 20:4 and think to yourself who are the ones doing the beheadings.
God bless y’all.
Ask Jesus to save you from sin while you still have life in your body…
And a head on your shoulders.
After that, it’s too late.
We have been warned.
It’s coming over here to America.
Are you ready?

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