One Book Down, One To Go…

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun...

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun…

It’s funny how the excitement of writing, then finishing, then rewriting a book tends (for me, at least) to be an on again/off again, then on again romance.
I mean, getting the first manuscript of a new story done then sending it out to a few beta readers and finding out their thoughts can be somewhat daunting but, when you believe in what you are doing…well, there you go…it’s on again and back to the old keyboard.
I have been blessed to have been given the opportunity to write a story unlike any I have ever read. With that in mind, I have to add; Haven’t we all, as writers, done that? Don’t we all have a story unlike anybody else’s?
So, back to the old keyboard.
But this time, to fix what I have missed.
Shadow of Tunguska is coming along nicely and I am still hoping for a late spring release.
In the meantime–once again, here’s a taste from the book that started it all.
Hill of Great Darkness
Enjoy a little Christian-based sci-fi.

On Magellan, Simone Sytte had tossed and turned all night. The previous evening’s interview seemed to go well enough, but yet, there was something gnawing at her from deep inside her spirit. Surely the entire planet wasn’t as absurdly paranoid with a nuclear powered spacecraft as Jessica Vandale seemed to be. Yet, there felt like there was something more, something much more. With still a full hour to go before her alarm would sound, Simone decided to get up and get a head start on the day. She wisely abandoned the idea of jumping from her bed onto the floor as she remembered the rather awkward experience she had had just a couple of weeks ago during Magellan’s first trial run to the moon.
Artificial gravity onboard Magellan was limited to a light ‘negative’ magnetic charge imbedded in the crews clothing material while the whole interior flooring of the ship had an equally miniscule ‘positive’ magnetic charge (a rather ingenious use of a magnetic field Simone mused). However, one could easily enough ‘break orbit’ by, oh lets say, jumping out of ones bed with a little too much zeal. It is so embarrassing to spend twenty minutes hovering near the ceiling trying to ‘swim’ to the nearest wall so you can ‘walk’ your way down to the floor. But, alas, that is exactly what had happened to Simone.
At least, she thought to herself, she didn’t have to call for help.
Nevertheless, Simone was acclimatizing well enough to space travel. She had loved the trip up on the Yangtze, especially the ‘fancy maneuvers’ as Dr. Armone called them, en route to Magellan. Truth is, Simone simply loved to fly and she loved flights that were especially turbulent, much to the chagrin of fellow passengers who would be holding on to anything for dear life while Simone would sit and smile and let out the occasional “wee!” when the airliner would suddenly lose altitude. Yes indeed, Uganda’s unofficial ‘princess’ was a tough girl, fearless and bright. However this morning she cautiously, gingerly slipped out of her bunk and spoke quietly to her Hummingbyrd computer; “Little Shepherd”
“Run worship scenario P-Twenty Three on LGD, full exterior view please.”
Even as she spoke, all of her exterior walls, ceiling, and even a small section of flooring changed from the light metallic blue to transparent, revealing a breathtaking view not only of Earth, but also, to her leftmost view, she could see the moon in a crescent phase and in the distance Mars was shining, almost beckoning to whomever would come. Magellan was cruising up from Antarctica and would soon pass over the equator in the Indian Ocean. In just over three hours they would be on the other side of the planet. Magellan would be cruising silently over North America, preparing to embark on mankind’s newest space adventure.
The IGS system, Simone thought (and hoped), would do for space travel what jet (and now hyper-jet) engines did for Earthbound aircraft. Realizing the importance of the day before her, as well as the busyness that would soon envelop her and the other crew members, Simone began to read the words aloud that were emblazoned in the very air before her in eight inch white letters;
“The LORD is my Shepherd; I shall not be in want—“

Hope y’all have a good week!
Don’t forget that you are loved with an everlasting love that defies logic and understanding.
God Bless!

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2 Responses to One Book Down, One To Go…

  1. Just based on the cover alone, looks like a cool book. Good luck!


  2. With me it’s Love/Hate relationship with my story. I hate the rewrites but I love my story…sigh


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