Interview with H.C. Beckerr…Part I

Taking a couple weeks off from the blog, so here is one of the interviews I have done recently. Hope y’all enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tell us about your book. Is it part of a series?
HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS is what I like to call classic science fiction. It is the story of a new type of spacecraft that is designed to test new types of drive or rocket propulsion systems. It’s not set far into the future (2037), in fact, we are still wanting to make that first trip to Mars. Following along the infamous classical sci-fi storyline, on her first mission something goes terribly wrong (or terribly right depending on the individual readers’ pessimistic/optimistic viewpoint) and instead of making it half way to Mars in a five second engine test, the crew find themselves a little farther out than they expected… in orbit around the ringed planet Saturn. So now, the question is; how did this happen? One could think of it as 2001 meets Raiders of the Lost Ark (ahem…without the aliens).
While HOGD was not truly intended as a series, Book II (not the real title, I just like to do that to people. Oh, all right…it’s called SHADOW OF TUNGUSKA) picks up right after the first book ends. In all truthfulness, I would have liked to do parts I and II as a single edition story but was concerned about my first published novel being a five to six hundred page monster that could also double as a weapon on a dark, lonely street…not what I considered a good idea for an unknown writer. So, I opted to split the story and Part II is the current project I am working on, hoping to get the first draft done by early Summer 2014.

How did you come up with the idea for Hill of Great Darkness?
Simply put; The Da Vinci Code. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but it’s true. I had just finished a one semester class at Brookes Bible Institute (one of the best-kept secrets of St. Louis) on Church History when one of my church’s associate pastors challenged us to read the D.V. Code so that we could be ready for the onslaught of questions that would be (and definitely was) posed by the generally unbelieving public concerning the Lord Jesus Christ. I was engulfed in the story, recognizing every twist that was put on historical truth. Many of the things in Code I had just finished studying in class and I saw the lies (I don’t mean that in a bad way….well maybe….) that were used by twisting the truth and thought to myself, “If someone can do that to smear my Saviors’ Name, couldn’t I do the same to bring Him glory?” The fast paced, scene changing landscape of Code also spurred me on to try that style for myself and so far, the reviews seem to indicate that it was a successful move. In fact, one reader compared it to a rollercoaster ride that once you get over the first hill climb, it’s a downhill ride that never stops until you crash and burn at the end. That kind of stuff is fun to hear!!!

Next week, part II of the interview with H.C. Beckerr

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