Been watching the news lately?
Here in the St. Louis area there has been no shortage of it lately.
Yeah, talking about the Ferguson riots and protests that seem to be not only on local news but, hey…
I mean like…even ISIS (which, by the way is SISI backwards) has offered to help these poor folks out.
But who needs those guys when you have Reverend Sharpton in town?
Now, don’t get me wrong here, I’m not taking aim at anybody
well almost anybody.
Okay, there are two people that I really feel need to be called out and blamed for this mess.
Who are they, you ask?
Adam and Eve.
Say WHAT????
You read right. Adam and Eve.
The two who started it all way back in the Garden of Eden.
The ones who felt it was necessary to ignore God just one time and have it their way (I, personally, never realized that there was a Burger King in the garden…who knew?)
Ever since that fateful day back in Mankind’s humble beginnings, we have spiraled downward, out of control, into the mess we are now in….
And it’s not getting any better on its own.
Look, how many of you boomers out there would have ever suspected this mighty nation become the shadow of it”s former self just in the time we’ve been on this old world?
I mean, really!
I can remember looking up at the Flag knowing that as long as it was flying high….
America was safe.
I’m not so sure of that anymore.
We are becoming a danger to ourselves.
Most of our children in high school right now have no idea of how the judicial system works let alone the difference between right and wrong.
We have become a nation of spoiled children…used to getting our way.
Reminds me of a time in Israel’s past when the nation turned her back on God because they had houses they never built….
wells they never dug…Israel's FlagVineyards and orchards they never planted…
and they became prideful.
They thought they had it all because they deserved it.
Kinda like how the young people nowadays feel here.
We deserve that new house…
that new game system…
that new car…
all before we reach the age of twenty!
Have we forgotten how to teach our children the simple basics of life that helped propel this nation into the world leader that it once was…
the world’s richest nation of a past generation…
the symbol of freedom to the world?
bible-american-flag1Have we forgotten the lessons taught us in the Bible of those who turned their backs on the LORD?
The evidence of the danger of leaving God out of the day-to-day equation of life is no different than the trouble-makers in Ferguson who ignore the evidence of the events surrounding the death of Michael Brown Jr.
We only see what we want to see.
That’s what the problem is.
Truth is not subjective.
It is truth.
And the truth is;
America needs Jesus more now than ever before

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