Creation verses evolution…nothing new here, right?
As of a week or so ago, the Roman Catholic’s supreme ruler has announced that
“…evolution is not inconsistent with the notion of creation.”
So, the Bible speaks of six literal days of creation and has never reneged on that stance.
The authors and creators of the evolution THEORY have had to constantly add years, ages, even billions of more years to try to make this theory palatable to the ‘smartest’ minds.
Does anyone smell something here?
I mean, really!
Look, when I was in the sixth grade (and, YES….I did have to ride my dinosaur to school in six feet of snow, uphill both ways) the evolutionists were proclaiming millions of years ago we were primordial soup getting ready to start swinging from trees and dinosaurs ruled the Earth.
Then it became hundreds of millions of years…
Then the ‘B’ word came in to the equation because millions of years just wasn’t long enough for life to appear from out of nothing.
And so, billions of years of evolution entered into our think-tank of the universe as we know it.
Now, I’m no genius, and my little pea-brain has trouble enough programming a CD playing sequence, but….
How does four and a half billion years of universal evolution coincide with a literal six-day creation scheme?
I mean…if Roman Catholicism is truly a CHRISTIAN faith denomination….
How does changing God’s word fit into their faith?
It certainly doesn’t fit into mine.
I believe the Bible.
Evidently the Roman Catholics (at least the leadership in the highest order) do not believe God’s word.
Listen…read the Genesis account of “…the evening and the morning”;garden-of-eden
a twenty-four hour period.
And, sports fans….God said“it was GOOD.”
Now, don’t think I am just taking aim at the Roman Catholic Church…..
Many of we Protestants are leaning farther and farther away from God’s truth.
Not Henry’s truth.
Not Billy Graham’s truth.
Not Carl Pagan’s…um, I mean Sagan’s truth (don’t get me wrong…I liked Mr. Sagan…he was just so wrong about so much)
Look, many modern scientists are distancing themselves as far away from the evolution timeline as they can because….
are you ready for this?
So, what are these scientists looking into now?
They see the incredibly complex order of the universe.
They see the impeccably exacting mathematics involved not only in the universe that is all around us (Cosmology), but deep inside the human DNA code itself.
They know these things were DESIGNED BY SOMEONE.
They just don’t want to call that Someone GOD.
‘Cause then they would have to answer to Him.
Guess what pilgrim???
You will answer to Him one day.
But not me….no sir.
I done did (any editors cringing out there?) my answering…
At the cross of Jesus Christ.
The Son of the Living God.
Every day my soul answers to Him with every breath that He gives me…
In Praise
And Thanksgiving.
By the way…
I do believe in the Big Bang and, let me tell you;
It is NO theory…
God spoke and BANG! It all happened.
on mountain
One final thought…..
In Rome, at the Vatican…
In America, in our liberal churches
There is a turning away from the Truth of God’s word.
Evolution, Homosexuality, and anything else you want to throw in is now O.K.
Could this be the “falling away” that is mentioned of the End Times in II Thessalonians 2:3?
I’m ready for that final day…
Repent (turn away from what you know to be wrong)
and turn to Jesus for salvation.
He will turn no one away who asks for His forgiveness.
Those are His words.
Not mine.

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