Once upon a time I dreamed of writing a book or two
I dreamed of the romance and accolades
Thinking that once done,
I would have it made.
After all, there are men like Hemingway, Twain, and Poe…
Women like Shelly, Wilder, and Cherryh
With my fortune waiting….
Why should I tarry?
With the nature of fallen humanity residing in me
It is so easy to make up a lie or two.9781449717957_cover.indd
Me thinks fiction is in the offing
So the impossible is what I’ll do.
I’ll write of lands, and people, and hope differed
of new planets and stars and the dark
Yes, indeed…science fiction
that is where I’ll start
The words may come easy
Dialogue easier still
And as a Christian without remorse or repentance
in my books yes…….I can kill.
Now, not only bad guys gotta go
but some good folk as well
You just write them out one by one
and soon your books will sell.
But then when you’re done with the story
and you still need some help
you turn to the editorsangry writer 2
who are just not……like yourself.
You begin to wrestle with nouns and verbs
actively and passively
now you’re becoming perturbed.
They change your story
and turn it all around.
Now you begin to wonder….
will we ever reach common ground?
But the day has finally come
when your book hits the market.
It’s exciting as exciting can be
You’re ready for them to sell it
then you find out the selling……is up to thee.frustrated_writer
It is just at this moment of the self-publishing route
when you realize you have just begun
and that getting a review wrote for your book
is not at all much fun.
I often think as I sit at my keyboard in the darkest of night
That if only those who read my work would post a review
that doesn’t take long to write.
Maybe folks are fearful of the things that they say
are being watched by the FBI or CIA
Or maybe they feel as if their words do not matter
or that they will never, ever be seen
as they go to the internet and chatter and scatter
their recipes.
Seventy, eighty, a hundred thousand words or more
I have written in my stories of lives and dreams
And yet readers won’t write just a few down for me
Absurd, absurd, absurd! It seems.
Getting reviews are just like praying in public
or speaking a speech
Most people won’t even do it
To get someone who likes your book to write a review?
It is just like pulling teeth
And no one likes that visit, it’s true!Dentist 2

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  1. Dino says:

    You are such a creative writer ! The words seem to flow so easily for you !! God has given you a great talent, so continue to share that TALENT with the world.


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