End-Times Alphabet

A is for Africa; and the turmoil within a continent caused by the fundamental followers of a bloodthirsty religion.
B is for Britain where the same followers strive within.
C is for Communism that still lurks in the shadows.
D is for death that follows us all.
E is for Ebola spreading fear.
F is for fear; not knowing what is to come next.
G is for God; the One of the Bible who rules inside and outside of the human timeline.
H is for homosexuality; from ages past…nothing new there.
I is for Islam that kills without conscience.
J is for Jesus who tells us to love without boundaries.
K is for Karma that still tags along.
L is for Latin America, a hotbed of insurrection.
M is for Mexico and her people wanting a better life regardless of law.
N is for nukes; sleeping in the silos and in the hands of fools.
O is for oppression from a bloodthirsty religion that kills the innocent.
P is for power that all leaders crave
Q is for quitting. That one is for the America that has drunk its way into being.
R is for religion that has no use at all (except to kill and lie).
S is for Salvation found only in Christ.
T is for terror that is threatening the world.
U is for United Nations; as useless as useless can be.
V is for Venezuela who is ruled by a fool.
W is for the war that will soon be upon us all.
X is for the xenophobia that embraces the weak.
Y is for YAHWEH who still holds back His wrath.
Z is for Zion; the center of it all.
How does your alphabet go?
What are the things you know and….
How do you deal with the fact that the world is turning into the very place that the Bible said it would….
At the End of Time
Dear friend, the Son of God died so that you could live forevermore.
The Hands of Jesus hold wide the narrow door
So that you can find eternal peace.
He offers the gift of forgiveness
Regardless of what you’ve done.
Ask Him to forgive you your sin and
Allow Him to come in
To your heart of hearts.
It’s all He’s ever wanted from the very start.

CHRISTIANITY is not a religion….

He gave His life for you
He loves you…….

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