Jesus Last week we looked at the DAY OF JESUS CHRIST and what that meant to the end-times scenario.
We saw that, according to Scripture, The Day of The Lord cannot take place until the rapture of the Church takes place
So now, what of the DAY OF THE LORD?
First off, the Day of The Lord seems to imply two parts to the whole. One part judgement and wrath, the other part blessing.
The prophet Joel writes of “destruction of the Almighty” (1:15) and “a day of darkness and gloominess”(2:2). He also calls it the “great and awesome day of the Lord” (2:31)
In Isaiah 13:6, the reader is told to “wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand” and, “it is a day that comes to lay the land desolate; and He will destroy sinners for it” (13:9). This is one of the chapters in Isaiah (13) known for its duality. That meaning it applied to the Babylonians…but it also had much further repercussions in future events.
The Thessalonian believers of the New Testament understood the duality of Isaiah and that is what terrified them, thinking that the wrath of God was about to be poured out. They knew the Old Testament prophets view of the Day of the Lord. They knew that “There is no greater Friend, Helper, Comforter, and Guide, than God. For He is the ultimate in wisdom, love, compassion, and concern. But there is no greater Enemy and Destroyer than God, either (Judgement Ahead page 121, 1975).
Sixth-Seal-Earthquake-Timing-of-the-Rapture-e1354505915747DAY OF GOD In the New testament, the Second Epistle of Peter speaks of the Day of the Lord as having great cataclysmic events that devastate all of the Earth.
Okay, before we go any farther, let’s look at how long this horrific as well as wonderful “Day of the Lord” lasts.
One thousand, seven years.
Hold on…we’re going to explain how this works out….

While there are many verses in Scripture of the great, terrible, awesome Day of the Lord, here are a few for you to ponder;
Psalm 110:5…Jeremiah 25:33…Jeremiah 30:7…Joel 2:11…Zephaniah 1:14…Malachai 4:4… Revelation 6:17 (this list is by no means exhaustive. Do a simple word search for yourself, it’s an eye opener!)
With all this bad news coning down the pike, God also promises good to mankind.
Here is where the one thousand seven-year formula comes from.end_of_the_world_by_white_corner-d5oo83e
The Bible talks of the seven-year tribulation period that seems to begin once the Church has been taken up to be with Jesus forevermore…now, while the movies seem to make us think that the rapture immediately ushers in the seven years of wrath, the Bible does not specifically state that. It only states that the DAY OF THE LORD CANNOT BEGIN UNTIL THE DAY OF JESUS (rapture) HAS TAKEN PLACE . It does SEEM to start then, and it may actually start once the Church is taken…but that is not guaranteed in Scripture
Okay, back to the one thousand seven-figure….
Lion of Judah
The Word of God also promises that there will be blessing at the end of all this turmoil and destruction.
That blessing is the Return of Jesus Christ to the Earth for a promised One Thousand Year Reign.
Upon His Second Coming to Earth (He does NOT return to step foot on the planet at the Rapture…we will meet Him in the air), the Lord Jesus will complete the Messianic work He was commissioned by the Father to do (Revelation 11:15-18).
He will also deliver His people (that would be the Jews…the Christians have been taken off-world) from their enemies (Daniel 12:2-3, Zechariah 14:1-5, Romans 11:26-27) and bless them (Ezekiel 36:24-30, Matthew 25:34).
And Now, He will fulfill the great Covenant Promises that were made to Israel (II Corinthians 1:20).
So, there you have it…
The day of the Lord.
Seven years of tribulation worse than anything the world has ever known.
Followed by one thousand years of the Reign of Jesus Christ in the Millennial Kingdom.
And after that begins…
We’ll look at that day, next week.
Um…Lord willing, of course.

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