Visiting the foundation of the story…HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS

So I am still struggling with computer issues as I do the edit for the (long awaited) sequel to HOGD. Strange things happen when the moon is full…also when I attempt something new at the computer….
Anyhow, let’s take a short journey back to the main storyline….the um, unedited, raw version……


“Water level is steady at one hundred twenty-five feet. This place is incredible!”
“Getting some nice video feed, Dart. Can you pan the camera more as you go along?”
“Roger cap’n”
The two men in the sub continued on their subterranean survey. They were now about half way to their objective and both men were beginning to get a little apprehensive about their goal. The sub commander put the mic in mute mode then spoke to his friend; “You know, we’ve done some bizarre things for our country, but this one is really out in left field.”
“Yeah, I know what you mean. Do you really think we’re gonna find a black hole at the end of this ride? What do you think the brass at the top are really up to?”
“You got me on that one.” Came the reply. Both men were watching out the forward viewing windows. Up ahead they could see that their overhead canopy was slowly disappearing. Soon they would submerge again into the darkest of depths.
“You don’t suppose we’ve got a full-blown terrorist plot going down here in the middle of the country do ya?”
What, a nuke? Naw, not one mile down. What would that do? Those idiots aren’t smart enough to do something just to prove a point. No, they want to kill people. Lots of people. I don’t think we’re looking for a nuke, I think we’re looking for something else-“
“Well, what?”
“Just between you and me, I think we’re on a UFO hunt.”
A soft chime alerted them that they needed to submerge into the river once again.
“Proximity alert”
“Got it.” the navigator said and, flipping a single toggle switch, the alarm was silenced.
“Hey dart, what’s your reading?”
The commander started to answer then remembered he had muted the mic. Sheepishly he punched in the ‘open’ button then began to speak.
“Looks like we’ve got about ten miles to go yet. Water level is-losing depth, now-looks like sixty feet. Temperature is-wow! Temp has risen to eighty-two degrees. That’s wild, ‘course we are deep underground now and we could be tapping into some hot springs here and there, over”
“Orion 1 puts you at thirty-five hundred feet down. Any problems? I see your prox alert went off.”
“No problem, we lost our beautiful overhead scenery though. We’re fully submerged again. Water level has decreased to forty-five feet. Can’t see a thing now, too dark and muddy. Now I have an idea about what those Atlantic trenches must look like.”
The radio was silent for a few moments as the Dart II made her way along its’ dark path.
“Still making good time captain. Water temp is up another degree. Pitch black and eighty-three degrees outside.”
“Roger dart. In five miles you’re gonna have to turn off all lights so you might want to do all your systems checks now.”
“Roger captain. We’ll get right on that and get back to ya when we’re done.”
“Ten-four Dart.”
Both men were feeling completely shut off from their world, almost like they were out in space and all alone.
“Well, might as well get busy”
“I’ll start checking all the sensors.” the one said as he spun around in his chair and started working at a small computer console.
“Thermal imaging is a go.”
“Magnetic imaging is a go.”
“Infrared and ultraviolet sensors are powered up and ready.”
“And, last but not least, the old Geiger counter is on and reading a very scant trace of plutonium. Guess its working!” he said with a smile.
“Yeah, at least the brass top side know where we are.” the commander said cynically then added “I’ve got one more thing to check.” He unbuckled himself from his chair and went to the rear of the cabin. Reaching up under a shelf he pulled out a small handgun and holster.
“What’s that for?” came a laughing response from his friend.
“Just in case we run into some little green men with sharp teeth.” He was smiling but you could tell he meant business. He continued; “Look, I really don’t know why we’re down here but, if we have to leave this vehicle, I want firepower, and every little bit helps.”
His friend was laughing out loud now as he unbuttoned the light vest he was wearing and holding one side of it opened revealed two small cylinder grenades tucked away.
“I know what you mean.” He said.

winter solstice
SHADOW OF TUNGUSKA is turning out to be an incredible journey; in both mind and soul (not to mention editing headaches…sigh). The journey of a thousand lifetimes that started with HOGD meets an unexpected, catclysmic ending with Book II.
Are you ready for the Chri-Fi adventure?

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