newspaper The old Who song went like this; Who Are You?
The world wants to know of this tiny nation, Who Are You? And even some of the Church who belong to the most famous Jew of all, Jesus of Nazareth, seems to be asking Who Are You?
And, indeed, Who are they?
Let’s take a look at some history and see if we can clear some of the confusion as to the question that seems to continually plague this nation of Hebrews.
Where did they come from and what claim do they have to their existence.
To their right as a free nation.
To a claim as a people.Israel's Flag
To their claim of the land.
To their very right of being.
To do this we must turn to the very Word of God. The Book of Genesis.
The opening verses of chapter twelve give insight to the beginning of a nation.
The God of the Bible told Abraham to go to a specific region and He (um, that would be God) would make a great nation from him (and that would be Abraham…whose name was still Abram at this time).
Now, in chapter thirteen, God tells Abraham that the land where he stands and sees to the extent of his eyesight to the North, South, East, and West would be his and his descendants FOREVER.
Question; how long is forever?
God made an eternal covenant (a legally binding agreement) with this one man to give him and his descendants all this land (in chapter fifteen, verse eighteen) from the river in Egypt (uh…that would be the Nile) all the way to the River Euphrates.
If you look on a map…
And all that land has yet to be acquired by the Hebrew nation.
Time is not up yet.
God is working His plan for the ages out right before our very eyes…..
So, what about the other guys?
You know, the ones who also claim the rights to this hotly disputed property?
The Arab nations?
They want the land and they want Israel destroyed.
What’s that all about???
Check back next week and we will see what the Bible says (not what Henry says) about all these other contenders for the prize.

Star of David
And….it really is pretty simple.
May the LORD bless you and keep you.
And may He continue to bless His people of promise…..

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