The End is Coming….The History of HOGD

MOUND 38 009
Let’s take a brief journey back to the very seed of the idea for HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS. A place called Cahokia Mounds Historical Site that is just across the river from St.Louis Mo.MOUNDS 6.13.12 292It’s pretty impressive in size…in fact, it is the largest hand-built earthen mound in North America. The base spans some fourteen acres and its peak is one hundred feet above the Illinois prairie. The history of this place is somewhat shrouded in mystery as its builders disappeared from off of the face of the earth somewhere around fourteen hundred AD. With no known written language and no true knowledge of which indian race (or races) populated this metropolitan area (Paris, France was the only city larger on the planet at the time) very little is known of the people, the Mound Builders, themselves. MOUNDS 6.13.12 348 The Mississippian Culture is truly a lost civilization.
But the evidence of their influence and power remains to this day. all one has to do is hike up the bizillion stairs to the top to see a panorama of the local area unparalleled by any other regional view.MOUNDS 6.13.12 280
I grew up in this area of the midwest and frequently came to see this place of wonder and hidden majesty. mounds sunset plus 056
A place forgotten just a few miles away from one of America’s most beloved landmarks. If you ever get the chance to travel to my neck of the woods, be sure to look up this relatively unknown masterpiece of ancient technology. And do try to climb to the top at sunset.
You won’t regret the hike nor will you ever forget itmounds sunset plus 099
You might want to be careful, though….
Something is buried one mile beneath this earthen antiquity that defies all science.
And it is very, very dark.
This is the part of the story that usually goes untold;
It’s a pathway that leads to the adventure of a thousand lifetimes.

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun...

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun…

Turning on the microphone; “Rub a dub dub, two men in a tub-“
The other man grabbed the mic out of his hand;
“Give me that” he actually looked angry. “Hey Cap’n, Dart II is leaving port”
“Affirmative” came the reply then, “Remember, once you get to Alpha section, sensors only, no lights inside or out.”
“Got ya cap’n. Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of your baby.”
“I just want you two to be careful. This is new territory here. If our little dark anomaly really exists, you’ve got to be very careful when you get to close proximity.”
Just then the captain of the Muddy Ghost felt the almost imperceptible vibration of two underwater doors opening.
“We’re pullin’ out. Gonna stay as deep as we can-no running lights till we need ‘em-and, baby’s away! We’re free and clear cap’n.”
“Roger that, Dart.”
“Got a sonar lock on the entry. Big bright blip on-screen dead ahead.” Just then there was a slight jolt as an underwater current broadsided the small craft.
“Wee, that’s fun.” Then speaking to the other sub pilot
“Put engines in standby, let’s see how strong the current is.”
“Sure thing boss”
The sub was being pulled toward the blip by the unseen force of water.
“100 yards and closing”
“Got a good clip going. I can see the entry better on-screen now-it’s pretty good-sized. It’s a wonder no one has ever seen her before, course we are thirty-five feet down in very muddy water.”
For a few seconds the captain onboard the tug began to get apprehensive due to a silent radio then:
“We’re in! Ye haw! This is better’n any roller coaster! Suction current clocks in at about 27 knots. Plenty of room on-screen.” The subs’ commander started to flick some over head switches then continued;
“Let there be light. Always nice to see where you’re going. This seems to be pretty smooth and still lotsa room ; lets kick in the engines and come to a full stop. I want to take some measurements.”
“You got it boss”

Meanwhile in orbit around Saturn, everyone onboard Magellan was gathered in engineering. Using the round reactor top as a giant table, they were looking at a dot-laser mock-up image of Mound Thirty-eight. The mound floated about three feet about the reactor giving the crew an ‘in the round’ view as it rotated slowly at eye level.
The computer generated the mound in a green matrix. The copper core that ran down from its insides was in an orange matrix, and the water from the underground river in blue.
The blue matrix stretched out three feet to the side (actually the rear of the mound, or the North end) representing the length of the underground feed all the way to Alton where it began. As they all gazed at the image, suddenly a single white dot appeared at the Alton end of the matrix.
Commander Moore spoke up “That’s an underwater craft just entering into the river. We’ll be able to watch its progress from here and-“ he reached over and ripped off a piece of paper from the main printer in the room “here’s the transcript of all conversion between the sub and her launch vehicle.”
Other than those words by the commander, the room was virtually silent as all eyes were fixed on the image before them.
Dr. Armone was completely transfixed by the scene when suddenly Simone’s hand squeezed his forearm almost to the point of pain.
He looked over at his young friend and was about to speak when he noticed the look on her face.
Not taking her eyes off the hologram she spoke. “My Lord and My God, I can’t believe what I’m seeing!”
All eyes were on Simone now. Her eyes however were now locked onto Jon Armone.
“Jon, don’t you see it?”
Clearly at a loss, and still a little bit apprehensive as to Simone’s state of mental health, Jon answered “See what Simone?”
“The mound, look, it faces south, the two levels are slanted slightly skyward and are always pointing sun-ward. Then you have the core, collecting the energy and transmitting it downward. The river Jon, the RIVER! Water for cooling.”
Then sounding as if she didn’t even believe herself, she added; “The whole blessed mound is a containment field.”

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