The ‘WHAT IF’ Factor of God

on mountainSo, my friends…it’s time for a riddle. A spark of truth with some rhyme in the middle.
Let’s talk of things that cannot be understood
And a Person so awesome and incredibly good.
We’ll start with a question and go on from there
to places far reaching…that is, if you dare.
His name is YHWH, Jehovah, and Lord
and He has no fear of evil, or danger, from horde.
So, WHAT IF this Person exists
who fills the entire universe from the farthest star to the nearest mist.
WHAT IF the BIBLE really is His inspired word
And all we say and do just might be judged for bad or good.
The Ancient of Days is still hanging around
watching and waiting…………………..
hoping for the lost to be found and the saved to come home.heaven bound WHAT IF He really has been around since the very beginning and knows all things…I think my head is spinning.
He created all things with just a word from His mouth
The stars all in place, the sun in its route.
From the deepest of oceans to the mountain peaks
They all were created
in less than a week.
WHAT IF mankind was really made in His image
And didn’t crawl out of primordial soup in some prehistoric scrimmage.
Being placed in a garden so lush and so fair
to live out life without a care.
WHAT IF something happened in that place so long ago
That separated the created from the Creator
I’ve just got to know.
For now we have hatred and battles and wars
And we can see with our own eyes…
We’re rotten to the core.
There’s no way to get back to where we belong
Mankind is hopeless and won’t last for long…
WHAT IF this Jesus of Nazareth is really the Son of God
And came to the Earth inside of a woman like a pea in a pod.
Then lived out His life without any sin
crossofcalvaryAnd gave it up freely so all could come in.
WHAT IF the story is true of His resurrection
of conquering death and hell’s insurrection.
WHAT IF it’s true that He invites all to come
by just trusting in Him and the work that He’s done.
WHAT IF heaven is just a prayer
a confession
a plea
a cry away?
To simply run to your Creator while today is still today
and your soul has not yet been required and in your body still stays.Empty-Tomb-620x250
So here we are at the end of my lines
I’ve got to be going…….
yes, I’m running out of time.
There’s just one more thing though, before I go
The God of the Bible loves you
and wants you to come to Him for eternal life….
Yes, friend, Jesus loves you…
this I know.

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