So, I want to take a moment to thank the people who actually take the time to review indie books at the various online sites.
Yeah, even the bad reviews.
If you’ve ever read an indie author, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO REVIEW THE BOOK!
It only takes a few seconds to use the five star rating system and only a moment or two longer to tell the world why you liked/loved/disliked/hated the book.
We don’t have millions of dollars backing us with ritzy publicity campagns.
But we have the guts to follow our dreams.
And in my case…..
I’m just doing what the Lord has laid before me.
The rest is up to Him
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FICTION is not a very large niche…..
actually I call it CHRI-FI….
the God that I am deeply in love with is bigger than I can only imagine!
And I can imagine a lot…
So, check out this little snippit from the unedited version of (I forgot to save the edited and polished version…hmmm…can you spell ROOKIE?) HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS

CHAPTER 19: Uncertainties
Roger Hand slid his ‘Key’ through the laser ‘reader’ and the now secure door of the Hot Seat area of Johnson Space Center came to life with a loud ‘CLICK’.
Walking into the room, he didn’t even get a word out before the ‘specialists’, as they were called, were surrounding him with all kinds of data from Orion 1.
“We think we have found something here.” The first one spoke up. The woman of the group, affectionately dubbed ‘Mom’, was an attractive redhead of perhaps forty-five years. Her highly polished demeanor underscored her authority in the room populated by pages and pages of data from Orion 1.
“Look at this, the co-ordinate triangulate is right over this Indian mound in mid-western Illinois. That is where the event emanated from. Cahokia Mounds is what the area is called. I’m getting more info on that area now.”
“So what do we know so far?” Roger asked.
“We know that the g-wave burst came from directly beneath that particular mound right THERE.” The oldest man was saying as he held up a picture from Orion 1 showing the entire Cahokia Mounds site and pointing to the largest mound that also dominated the picture.
Now the younger man began to speak “We started simple with thermal imaging then we went to magnetic and then wideband U.V., infrared H.D., and came up with very little until we used the proton collector core.” As soon as he said that he stopped, obviously realizing he may have said too much.
The other two specialists both looked at the man then each other in a shared panic.
Roger knew all about those looks. “You know I’ve got the highest clearance possible.”
“We know sir. Its just that, well quite honestly we’re not supposed to have this technology yet.” answered the woman.
“At least not up there sir.” Came an expanded explanation from the young man.
This conversation’s implication was not lost on Roger Hand. He asked one simple question, using one simple word as he looked at each of the people standing before him; “Nuclear?”
“Nuclear” was the simple reply.
“Okay, what else?”
“Our mound has a root.”
“Say again?” Roger was taken off guard by that one.
“A root; A solid core of copper just about a meter in diameter goes from inside the mound to just about one mile beneath it.
“One mile?” Roger was afraid that he had spoken a little more incredulously than he meant.
“And that’s not all.”
“Please-“ Roger made the famous sweeping motion with his hand inviting the one speaking to continue.
“Just north of the mound, an underground river breaks off from the Mississippi and flows-“ Now the older man was speaking and using his finger as a pointer on a satellite imaging map. “all along this path straight to the mound”
“And then?”
“No, that’s it. It’s like it just disappears”
“It’s the same with the copper core. It goes down and well, it just fades away. From the point where it starts to disappear, we can still detect the signature atoms are present two and a half inches past demarcation.”
“Wait a minute” Roger said, “Orion 1 is what, a thousand miles up and you can detect in inches?” I know she’s a real piece of work but c’mon two and a half inches from a thousand miles?”
“Sir, we live in a very dangerous age. We need the kind of precise spying capability that two years ago didn’t even exist. It’s the nanotech age sir. We are developing technology that even those blasted sci-fi writers haven’t even thought of.”
“So, just how accurate, or rather, um-let me put it this way; can we truly trust the data we are getting from our little secret rock?”
All three of the specialists looked at one another in that ‘should we tell him’ kind of way, then it was mom who spoke up;
“There was an incident six months ago that has never been reported to the general public sir. It involved Orion 1 and an oil tanker licensed to a whole trail of people. It seemed that the tanker was heading to the New Orleans port area when suspicions were aroused for several reasons. Anyway, Orion 1 was positioned over the gulf area. Using some very sensitive probing methods Orion 1 detected a hint of weapons grade plutonium. Now, that on its own is impressive however,” letting the “however” stretch out, “the plutonium was encased in a six foot-by-six foot room made with six-inch thick lead.”
“Wow” was all Roger could get out.
“But that’s not all. Our little plutonium blurp was nestled into a rather nasty chain reaction instigator.”
“A Bomb?”
“Just about 70 megatons worth of blast.”
Now all Roger could get out was a long low whistle then “I guess we can count on Orion 1.”

The sequel to this adventure of a thousand lifetimes is about to go into the editing stage….
SHADOW OF TUNGUSKA will be heading your way this fall.
I hope.
Yeah, that’s it…
Oh, you all know how editing goes…..
God bless and see y’all next week


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