The Shadow is coming!!!

Once again we take a trip back in time in a future sense to where the saga began…..
9781449717957_cover.inddCHAPTER 12: SECRETS
“Sir!-“ Exclaimed an excited com officer, “We’re getting a secondary feed from Magellan-wait-“ Then with a look of complete surprise he added, “It’s, it’s encoded sir; For your eyes only.”
Everyone on the floor seemed to look at everyone else then simultaneously looked at Roger Hand. He was almost amused; it actually seemed as if someone had choreographed the moment.
Knowing that the Hot Seats were now vacant as well as soundproofed he said, “Feed it to the personal monitors in the Hot Seats.”
“Yes sir.”
Roger Hand was more excited than he had been in years as he climbed the stairs in the rear of the room two steps at a time then entered his own private interplanetary communications room. It was uncanny how the com officer timed the decrypt prompt to come on screen just as Roger sat down. Quickly typing in his private decrypt code he was immediately looking into the face of his longtime friend Jon Armone. His face showing signs of what, intrigue, fascination? Behind Dr. Armone the banded bulk of Saturn was in view and Hand was transfixed as he peered past Armone and gazed upon the Saturnian System. About one quarter of the planet’s ring system was in view jutting out from ‘beneath’ the screen as if Magellan were sitting on some kind of magical highway. The Cassini Division was so clear that Roger could count stars through it as his eyes adjusted to the light.
“Roger we have a, um-“ Obviously searching for words the doctor unceremoniously continued. “A situation that we need you and your people,” Leaning into the screen he added “Your specialized team that is, to look into. It seems that we may have accidentally found something on Earth. I’m probably gonna sound a little off on this one but, bear with me old buddy, we think that IGS has found a black hole. Yeah, I know that sounds insane, after all, you boys have been trying to find one and prove their existence for years but—“ Jon’s face began to grow even more serious now; Much more serious. “It might be possible that we have been sitting right on top of one all these years, and I mean that literally. Look, Simone is using the Pentagon’s encrypt on the data to send to you as we speak.” He sat back in his chair as he gave a sigh and then added, “This is some pretty compelling stuff buddy. You’re going to need the White House on this one. What we need to know is where or what were we over when IGS was activated. Oh, by the way, whatever we are looking for activated IGS, we didn’t.” Armone paused for a second to let that one register then continued; “We need all the technology you can muster on this one—pull strings at the Pentagon, State Department, whatever you have to do but, we need some answers, and we need them fast.”
Roger found himself still transfixed by the visual as his friend continued. “Anyway, for right now Simone is going to work on a way to communicate in real-time—this three or four hour time lag in two-way conversation doesn’t help at all.” Once again Dr. Armone leaned closer in to the screen and added, “I don’t need to tell you this is big Roger. Keep a lid on it! Last thing we need is a media blitz or some moron proclaiming Armageddon. Well, I gotta go for now. Don’t let me down.” Then smiling he added, “I know I can count on you. Magellan out.” Roger Hand was stunned momentarily by what he had just heard. Then, gathering his wits about him he copied all the material onto a handheld device and ‘cleaned’ the system in the Hot Seats so that no one would ever be able to read any of the data that he had received. Unfortunately Roger had never noticed the peculiar, albeit un-suspicious looking, flat piece of metal that was hanging on the side of the vid monitor.

saturn system

The long-awaited sequel to HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS is coming……..
………………………………………………………….THE SHADOW OF TUNGUSKA
where all your questions are answered with an ending you won’t see coming…..
FALL 2014….
Umm….I think 🙂

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