Okay, I know what you’re thinking.
“Really! He’s not talking about THAT word…is he???”
Rest assured…if you have ever read ANYTHING from me, you already know the answer.
This is, and always will be a Family Friendly Site. Period.
So, now that I have your attention…..
What ‘f-word’ am I referring to?
Or any proper variant of the word as used in our culture today.
Lets look at the root word here; fundamental.
The basics.
The root core.
Fundamental reading…fundamental mathmatics…fundamental physics…
Okay, you get the picturee-mc2 The basic foundation of ANYTHING is it’s FUNDAMENTALS
Here is where we are going today;
How about TRUTH?
Across the world, Islam is killing and destroying anything in it’s pathway and our media and government refer to these people as
Islamic Extremists
Please don’t fall for that lie.
They aren’t extremists at all.
What they are doing violently around the world to innocent people is the very nature of Islam
Here’s a parallel for you to ponder…
Most American Christians know VERY LITTLE about what the Bible really says…i.e. its doctrine, and the complete Truth contained therein.
Most Muslims (especially those living OUTSIDE the Middle-East) know VERY LITTLE about what the Quran really says.
It simply lays forth the idea that Islam will rule the world…one way or another. Violence, the slaughter of innocent people, lying in the name of Allah…
These are the means to which they hope to reach the ends.
That is the fundamental truth of Islam.
What are the fundamentals of Christianity?
Love God (um…that would be JEHOVA God not Allah. You see, God’s first name isn’t Allah. It’s Jesus)
Love your neighbor as yourself.
Do good and not evil.
Let’s continue, shall we?
When Islam goes into a new region, they rape, kill, blow things up.
When Christianity goes into a new region, they build schools, hospitals, and provide the basic needs for living.
When Islam goes into a new region, the demand those people of that region to convert to Islam or die at the hand of a Muslim.
When Christianity goes into a new region, they tell people about the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.
Then they allow the people to make their own choice.
The god of Islam needs help to kill and destroy.
The Living God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Washington, and Lincoln NEEDS NO HELP.
He says that vengeance belongs to Him and Him alone.
So, here’s the question;
Which of these two fundamental pathways of faith represent a Creator God?
Which one represents a destroyer of human life.
C’mon folks, let’s not play stupid here…..
Fundamentally speaking; it’s an clear choice.
Jesus Christ is the God of all creation.
He’s the other guy.
Muslims are not our enemies…
Satan is.
Let’s not forget that but….
Please don’t buy into the lie that Islam is a peaceful, loving religion.
All you have to do is look at what the Islamic Fundamentalists are doing world-wide.
The answer is as clear as the nose on your globe facing asia with sun halo
Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and NO ONE goes to Heaven EXCEPT through Him
Ask Him to forgive you of every sin (He’s the only One who can).
Ask Him to be your Lord forevermore (He paid for your ticket to heaven with His own blood).
Choose life.

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