Forest  Walk
It was in the darkness that I was formed, where no eyes could see me
…in the secret place of my mothers womb.
Yet…even then I was under Your watchful eyes.
It was into the darkness of this world…I was born…
Walking in that darkness until, on that one day in my sojourn,
You opened my eyes.
Like saul of Tarsus You appeared on the roadway of my life
And announced Yourself
Introducing Yourself to one such as I.
And I wondered; Who are You, Lord?
And then the darkness of this world fell from my eyes like great scales that once sealed out the Light.
I walked with You for a little while, Your light
Shining in me….
Guiding me…
As I searched daily for You
Yearning daily for Your presence.
But, like Solomon my eyes looked away from Your wonderful presence.
And for a while…
I chose to walk once more in the darkness…
darkpath1-300x199 I sought after pleasure in a world that has no pleasure.
A world of only coldness and lies.
I sought after power in a world that was power-less
I sought for enlightenment in a world that held only dark.
And yet, because of Your great love for me….
You waited patiently…
For my return.
The Prodigal.
Then as I wandered…
in the darkness of my choices I looked once more to Your love
and I said,
“Who am I that You would remember me?”
And You smiled upon Your child.endless stepsCountless steps away from You I had trod and yet…
I was only one step away from Your love, Your counsel, Your wisdom and forgiveness at any time.
And so,
On this, the final day of the fifty-fith year of my pilgramage on this darkened world,
I stand in Your light.
I kneel before the Savior of the world Who died for me.
as the years now start to fly by in a furious flury…
My health may falter,
my eyes may grow dim…
Your Light always remains within.
And should my mind ever melt and I forget all I know…
One thing I ask of You, my King;
May the name of Jesus always be on my lips;
May the final utterance I ever speak in this darkened world
as I take my final breath, my final whisper
be Your glorious name,

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One Response to Sojourn…

  1. Parker J says:

    This absolutely a delight. Thank you for such a beautiful piece.


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