Don’t remember what you looked like, can’t remember how you smelled,
you’re just the ghost of a memory…a story that gets retelled.
ghost night
A mother I never knew, gone before I was old enough to understand
The ways of this life…like the falling grains of sand.
Whisps of a thought, a memory slipping away…as I grow older with each passing day.
Being the youngest of four, I hadn’t a clue
Of what death meant, separating me from you.
You left in the night, in the darkness gone
Even whilst you slept, the Lord calling you home.
Too young to know this little one be
His mommy gone to a place far away from he.
leaving earth
Long time gone, the days go by, remembering a time when he would cry.
A sorrow deep and unhealed by time,
A place in his heart, a tear in the soul
A rip inside, leaving one somewhat less than whole
happy mothers day
On this…
This Mothers Day…
I still choose to remember and thank you for
the life in me.
But some nights I still wonder, when it’s quiet and still,
When I get to heaven, will I finally get to meet you?

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