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A recent blog post posed the challenge; Write a statement about the purpose of your book. I didn’t take long to respond with; Doing what I was told couldn’t be done. I like a challenge and I like science fiction. What I don’t like are stories that have to use vulgar language and sex, simply to sell more copies. Don’t get me wrong; I do live on planet Earth and I do live in the real world. But, can we talk, am I the only one who thinks a story should stand on its own?

As a Christian, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to write Science fiction. Really?! 027 So, I set out to write a story about a local mystery of a lost Indian civilization (the Mississippian culture) who built massive earthen mounds in the prairies of Illinois just east of St. Louis. I took a real life event from the past, and twisted the truth a bit (okay…A LOT) to create Hill of Great Darkness. I have always loved to tell stories, in fact, in grade school I would write a short story and sell it for the three pennies it took to get an extra milk (chocolate, of course) at lunch (I know, I’m dating myself here).

I like to write stories that I would want to read. Here’s what I mean;
See spaceship. See spaceship fly. Fly, spaceship, fly…star_trek_in orbit Okay, so that’s a little too simple. But truth be told, I have never enjoyed a story when I am so busy trying to figure out the meaning of the allegory behind the story that I can’t simply enjoy the story itself. I just want a story that will draw me into the world (or worlds) that the author is painting for me. To like the good guys, and hate what the bad guys are doing. To escape reality, if for only a short time, and possibly think about things that I may not have ever thought about before. That is the power of the written word…is it not?

As a writer, as a Christian writer, I have no desire to use the same tools of writing that the world (or culture) says are good to use. Language and sex are a BIG issue to me. Representing my Savior is what my writing is about and His approval is of paramount importance to me. I know I am not writing to the masses. In fact, Christian Science Fiction (or Chri-fi as I affectionately call it) is a very small genre. I just want to write, and I am blessed to have been able to afford self-publication for this first venture.
writing 3
So, write! Don’t worry about what the critics say. Let your heart pour out upon the pages, as water through a broken dam (ahem…I AM NOT cussing here…), through the sword of the pen.
Write! Let your words touch others lives. Dream big, and write even larger!
God Bless!!!
Henry C. Martin/H.C.Beckerr

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun...

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun…

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  1. Connie Jean says:

    Very good post, and completely true!


  2. Renee-Ann says:

    Dear Henry

    Your first paragraph hooked me instantly, and the rest of this post kept me reading. When it came to the cops and bad guys in first suspense novel (Stella’s Plea), some said, “Tough guys are supposed to swear.”

    Huh??? Really? How about: He swore under his breath.

    I don’t swear and feel very uncomfortable around people who do. I have deleted several books from my Kindle because I simply can’t enjoy a book filled with coarse language. The same goes for sexual content. How about summarizing that they kissed, he carried her to the bedroom, and closed the door. End of chapter. We’re all adults and know what happens behind closed doors. Leave it to the readers’ imagination.

    There are so many well-written books out there. But the majority of the Christian population will not read them because of the cursing/sexual content. Don’t these writers realize they’re limiting their audience, and excluding many Christians.

    My stories all have a ‘light’ Christian message in them, but I have a broad audience of non-Christian readers as well. The focus of the book is on the suspense.

    You’re absolutely right! A story CAN and SHOULD stand on its own. I’m delighted to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. Some say we (christian writers) would sell more books if we changed our writing. I’m in this to entertain my readers in a way that is pleasing/honoring to God. So far, so good.

    Blessings to you!



    • 4endtimeuser says:

      Glad to (finally) see your note of encouragement…still learning how to use wordpress!!! And, for the record, you are far from being alone! May the LORD our God bless you and your work!!!! Write On!!!!


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