The HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS universe…(creating CHRI-FI)

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun...

The adventure of a thousand lifetimes has just begun…

HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS is for those who want to go where no one has gone before and not have to worry about offensive language or any type of ‘adult’ situations. This book is a good fit for any age group! You see, I wanted to write a sci-fi (or as I like to say Chri-fi) story that glorifies the God of the Bible. So, you want to know a little about the story, do you? Well, how about we take 2001 A Space Odyssey, take out the alien faction and add in Raiders of the Lost Ark, throw in the contemporary terrorist agenda for a real world scenario, then mix in REAL Christianity with REAL Christians (you know, the people who still fail miserably at times as they try to follow the God of the Bible).
mars 1

Now, mix that into a ‘Classic Science Fiction‘ storyline about the first spacecraft designed to reach out to the other planets of our solar system…starting with Mars, and you have Hill of Great Darkness.
Set in 2037, we still drive cars that don’t fly and still use gas. We still live in a fallen world where evil is alive and well while True Christianity continues to hold on to the One True Hope of Jesus. See how different world views collide with some very different agendas in a setting…a situation…that is far and above the normal plane of human existence.
And, by the way…..
the adventure isn’t over just yet. One more book to go…..and you won’t BELIEVE where we’re going this time!
summer night in space
See you all next week!

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