easter_cross2 He had been standing watch here since the day of the crucifixion. He and his little band of warriors were laughing all the while this Man was dying on the cross. He had sent them away from his presence. This moment was his to enjoy alone.

easter-cross But, during the crime, they were at his side…prompting, prodding the onlookers on with words to say at this event. At least, the onlookers that belonged to no-one were easy to manipulate (and by belonging to no-one they did, by default, belong to the enemy).
And the religious ones? They were the easiest of all to convince to do the dirty work.
To arrest Him.
To condemn Him.
To kill Him.
They wanted what belonged to the Innocent One as their own.

EASTER cross1718_1_ And then there was that worm of a man who was representing Rome. He was afraid of his own shadow. He was no problem, and since he was no problem, all those wonderful Roman henchmen…soldiers of Caeser, were at the beck and call of the dark one. The one who was a murderer from the beginning was trying to kill the One who had no beginning.

The planet…mine.
The useless pieces of flesh and bones and their aimless, pitifully stupid souls would be mine to destroy as I please.

So, for the last two days he, along with a Roman detachment of soldiers, simply stood watch.
I can wait a thousand years if I have to! The dark one laughed as the second day turned into the third.

The morning of the third day began as the other two days; the birdsong just before the dawn awoke the countryside, the soft breeze that always swept the land as sun kissed earth, the earthquake….
The EARTHQUAKE? No, no, NO…it CAN’T be!
The stone rolled away from the entrance inviting the evil one to come take a look. Even as he cautiously made his way passed the useless guards who fainted at the sight of the angel who rolled the stone away, he heard the voices of women as they made their way to the site of the tomb.
Their very voices were mocking him…..
“How will we roll the stone away?” They were asking one another as they made their way to a now empty tomb.
Then as the anger turned into a seething rage, a voice came from behind him.
“You seem disappointed.”
He didn’t even turn around to face the Person to whom the voice belonged as he answered, “This is NOT a part of the plan.”
“Maybe not yours…but it has always been my plan. Behold! My daughters are almost here. Go away and…don’t EVER mess with those women.”
And the dark one was gone.
For the moment.
But the Light remains forevermore.

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  1. loreguardian says:

    What a lovely buch of photos! Viewpoint is v. good!


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