No, uh…haven’t gone to see it, yet.

Ark 1 Somewhere back around 2003, an associate pastor at our church challenged us to read a then-current, notorious novel by the name of The DaVinci Code. Now, don’t get me wrong…he didn’t want us to believe the book, in fact, he warned us not to read it if we weren’t solid in our faith. I had just finished a semester of Church History and found the book intriguing to say the least. The way that Mr. Dan Brown took history and twisted it…tweaked it…to create the lies he used in his story (actually, these lies had been around since about 300AD). Gotta admit, it was a real page-turner for me and…I even used the same type of writing style in HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS! You see, our pastor wanted us to be well versed in the story D.B. created so as to be able to rebuke the lies as well as use it for a witnessing tool since so many people were reading it and were bound to have questions about our faith. He was simply showing us how to use current events to witness.
da vinci Now, we are all wired a little differently and I dare say not everyone who heard this Sunday night message went out and read the book.
But I did.
Now, I didn’t go out and buy a copy…I went to the library.
Kinda like what I did right after 9-11…I got ahold of a copy of the Quran (OK, I bought that one…still use it to understand the enemy). You see, I wanted to find out what the enemy was up to…I refused to bury my head in the sand.
Now we have a movie that everyone is talking about; NOAH.
Am I gonna go see it? Are you kidding me? OF COURSE I AM Now, don’t forget that I write Christian Sci-Fi (or as I keep reminding y’all it’s called Chri-Fi) and love a movie with great FX. But, I am also going to see it for Jesus’ sake. Yeah, you heard (ahem…read) me right! How can I pass up a fantastic witnessing tool like this? I refuse to bury my head in the sand simply because it is not Biblically accurate.
All of these wonderful movies were based on the Truth of God’s word….but they were not perfect.
They were, however, Hollywood.
At least the makers and distributers of NOAH are gutsy enough to warn the buying public about its lack of Biblical Truth.
Am I gonna find parts of it distasteful?
Probably but…
Let me pause here to remind you of a Bible story about the Apostle Paul and his little trip up Mars Hill in Athens. When he saw everthing around him…all of the idols and false gods… his spirit was provoked within him (NKJV) and he used what he saw in one of the most incredible sermons in the New Testament!
Shouldn’t we be able to do likewise???
Being ‘Salt and Light in the world means we have to be in the world and not hiding in our churches!
Now, please understand something here, if you don't want to go see this movie…don't. Praise God.
BUT…please don't slam your brothers and sisters in Christ who are going to see something to use to sharpen their swords.
P.S. Thank you, Adam C. for teaching me how to use the world system around me to be a better witness for the Lord Jesus Christ!


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