nuke 7

It only takes one tiny atom of enriched uranium to ignite all the other ones around it in a nuclear warhead. The result? A weapon of unimaginable power. The most powerful weapon the world has ever known…so far. A weapon that can wipe a city from off the face of the Earth in just seconds leaving nothing in its wake.
Working-People 7

Now picture yourself …just you…where you work, where you live, where you learn, play, worship…one tiny atom (adam?) of humanity that God desires and longs to ignite with His love. One tiny, seemingly insignificant part of humanity that is possibly unaware of the power that resides in themselves as well as every life that has been born-again (by the way…that phrase ‘born again’ was created, coined by Jesus, not the baptists). And that born-again life is designed to be a weapon against the Evil One that the Bible calls Satan (Ahem…notice that it is not a weapon against people). It is these lives that have been bought by the blood of the Lamb that God wants to use and, through them, unleash His unlimited power to save and to recreate that which is dead already. We are weapons of love, righteousness, peace, and grace.


We ARE NOT supposed to strap bombs onto our bodies to take out as many innocent lives as we can. We are supposed to live our lives as peacably as we can.

But first…we must be willing.

Willing to participate….
Willing to step out of our comfort zone and take chances…..
Willing to trust our Savior completely….
Willing to love people that you don’t want to love….
Working-People.6 jpg Stand, right where you are, be prepared to tell of God’s love, and above all else, take the Lord Jesus with you wherever you go. His love is the only weapon you will ever need to defeat an enemy that hates you (and all the rest of mankind along with you) and wants to see us all destroyed. But we have a weapon to use against him. It is called our testimony and it is powered by the very Spirit of the Living God. People at my work often ask me questions like; “why are you always happy, why are you so patient with people?” My response is always simple and to the point (after all, I am on company time and it would be a bad witness before the LORD to take time on which I am being paid…to work to evangelize…) and it is this; “The Jesus of the Bible delivered me from twenty-two years of drug addiction and alchoholism AND HE DID IT OVERNIGHT…LITERALLY! Church didn’t do it, religion didn’t do it…Jesus did.”
working people 2Love always wins when it comes from the Father Who loved us enough to send His only Son.
working people 4 Wanna be a warhead of God’s love today and nuke the gates of hell with God’s unlimited, unstopable love? Tell someone about Jesus.
Strapping bombs to ourselves is what religion does. It destroys…not creates.
We have a Weapon inside us, for; ‘we shall overcome by the power of His blood and the word of our testimony’

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  1. Great post. “Live sent!”


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