Things don’t just happen.
There’s always a reason, there’s always a time. Especially when God is involved (which, by the way is all the time). Take this envelope thing that our Pastor once asked us to do; not an original idea, but a highly innovative idea none the less. It was an envelope passed out to every adult
(I keep telling my wife that I am one…now I had the proof…I had THE ENVELOPE) that contained fifty dollars in it. The idea was to be spontaneous in giving it to someone in need. My envelope sat resting nicely in my “main” Bible for weeks. And weeks. And week…well you get the idea. I had it a long time. Anyhow, after that extended time safely tucked away in my Bible, I took the envelope and put it in my trucks’ glove compartment.patriot I figured that, while my Bible isn’t always with me, my truck is…unless my sweetheart lets me drive the Jeep (Woo-hoo!). But, (ahem…) that’s a different story. A very different story.Let’s not go there, okay?2010-jeep-commander-001 ANYHOW…………………………………………………………………………………….
So on one particular Wednesday evening awhile back, I was on my way to Church (in my truck) driving on I-64 and then exiting onto one of the local highways. Now, as I come up to the traffic lights (yes, they were red…aren’t they always!?) I see a young man and woman (and their dog) standing alongside the highway just past the intersection wearing backpacks (just the people were wearing the backpacks…not the dog) and holding a small sign that said ‘Just Passing Through’. Without thinking (something my wife says I do frequently) I made the turn through the intersection (um…after coming to a complete stop) and immediately pulled off the road and got the envelope out of the glove box. Here is where I would like to share something else…or as I like to say; The Plot Thickens….I had taken a different Bible, not my normal teaching Bible, but a larger reference edition (do any of you guys out there have more than one, or two, or six Bibles…you know, different versions or translations? I’ll have to talk about the reason for that sometime) so had I not taken the envelope out of the usual Bible I take…I would not have had the envelope with the money gift. Okay, so I walked from my truck back to where the couple (and their dog) were standing talking (the people were talking, not the dog…he was just wagging his tail) to another man who had stopped to offer help. I smiled and said “this is for you” as I handed the envelope to the young lady and turned away and returned to my truck.
Now, I could have made a loud proclamation about how this was from Jesus and all that but…sometimes God just has me keep my mouth shut. If memory serves me right, there was a small note in the envelope that explained the gift.
I gotta admit…sometimes I wonder how that couple (yes, and their dog) are doing. Oh well, at least I know someone on their highway of life showed Jesus to them.
So, always remember; things don’t just “happen”, our God is God of all.
And I, my friends, am always amazed by my Savior who is Christ the Lord.

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