On Giving Life

on writing 1 How do we write a life into existance?
How do we give breath and movement to words on a paper?
For starters….we have to write.
For me that is just about the hardest thing to do…just getting started!!!
Now, I know some of you like to plot and plan every action, every nuance into being.
Me? I just like to write.
I have the idea for a character and I begin to give him/her life. I’m not one of those who sit and plot every action into being. I’m one of those who let the life of my character happen.
Much like real life.
How many times do we plan out our week or day, only to have something (uh..or someone) get in the way of our plans?
Don’t you hate that!
So do your characters…um, sometimes. But, as in real life…sometimes they can make the best of a change of plans.
But not if you plan every breath they take.
Let your characters breathe on their own!
writing 3 How about an example?
In HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS, I created a character named Roger Hand; a NASA spokesperson who, as the story unfolds, turns out to be more of a ‘Licensed To Kill‘ type government agent.
Want to know something?
I never would have guessed this person turning out to be what he is/was.
Life just happened
The entire storyline of HOGD followed in like fashion….
It EVOLVED on its own.
Sure, I had episodes planned along the way but…can we talk?
I never knew how I was going to get from point A to point B
Ummm……at least, not till I started to write and let it happen.
That’s part of the fun of writing, is it not?
Like a painter creating a masterpeice…we paint with words.
Anger, hatred, evil…those are our dark colors while we paint lighter colors with lighter words as in love, friendship, and laughter.
writing 4
And the longer we write on any given project, the more detailed the painting becomes.
Think about it……
Writing and painting both begin with an idea and a blank piece of paper…or canvass.
We begin putting the brush strokes of life on a page by more detail here…less over there.
Soon, if we follow through to its completion, we can quote a certain doctor of yesterday’s literature and say….
It’s Alive!!!

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