It happened about ten years ago. I was at a breakfast meeting with some of the leadership of Brooke Bible Institute (now College) during the Easter season, and as we went to pay the cashier I handed her a gospel tract. One of my teachers politely asked her if she knew what Easter was all about and she answered “Yeah…it’s about colored eggs and the Easter Bunny.” My teacher told her that it was really about the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and she stated that she had never heard of that.
I realized then that our nation was in serious trouble.
There was a day when parents would send their children off to Sunday School to learn about Jesus (even if they didn’t go as well) because it was the right thing…dare I say; the American thing to do.
There was a sense of right and wrong in our land that was non-negotiable.
Now, everything is negotiable…including our morals.
Yeah, the ones that most Americans have forgotten about.
See, here’s part of the problem…..
The Bible says to “Train up a child in the way he should go…”
Our little ones are the foundation for the next generation and many of them are not even being taught right from wrong…not to mention that they have no idea what the BIBLE (you DO remember that Book, don’t you?…the one that our nation was founded upon) has to say about life, death, and eternal life/death.
All our younger generation learns about Jesus Christ is that it’s the Name they want to use as a curse word.
It hasn’t always been that way………………………………………………………………………………….
090414Flags When I was little (way back in the mid 1960’s), I was always sent to Sunday School by my grandparents.
It was there that I was introduced to the Son of God.
I learned about sin and evil in the world.
I learned about the fallen nature of mankind (just in case you’ve never seen a local or world newscast) and the destructive nature of humanity and how it keeps getting worse, not better.
I learned that there is only one Person who can get me into heaven because He walked out of the grave.
I learned about the Cross.
I also learned that I needed a Savior because, since I am human, I am also part of the problem.
All this I learned in before I was 8 years old by some folks who were madly in love with this Jesus guy.
And they loved me.
So, in these waning days of 2013 I want to take a moment to remember those who built a solid foundation inside my being.
A foundation of love, joy, peace.
A foundation built on the Solid Rock.
Ruth Burlingame showed me how to ask Jesus into my heart, to ask Him to be my Savior.
O, so many years ago.
She went to meet Him face to face the day after Christmas.
The cool part?
I never have to say “good-bye”.
See you on the other side, Ruth.
America may be losing her Foundation but, you want to know a secret?
God is a whole lot bigger that all His enemies combined.
Have a wonderful New Year.
Nahum 1:7
flag& cross

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