As the Christmas Day approaches every year, my mind goes back to the dream. The dream of a child waiting in the night for the magic of Christmas morn where presents would appear overnight under the tree.
It started with an angel. A cloth and clay one with Christmas lights adorning its person whilst it sat upon the highest bough. As I stood at the foot of the tree looking up in wonder of this celestial guardian of the Tannenbaum, a wind blew past and the angel came to life. I saw it look down upon me and smile. I had never seen such a smile for it caused something in my spirit to awaken and swept me away into the night. Now, this was no ordinary night for the stars were flying past me and as I looked over to my side I saw the angel was now next to me holding my hand. We flew and we flew and then we came to a place that seemed familiar to me.
Beneath me was a barn of sorts…one like I had never seen. It was partly in a cave with a type of wood and tree branch porch out in front of it where there were animals all about.
And a very bright star appeared just over my shoulder and shined it’s light down upon the quiet scene.
And then I heard a baby’s cry.
Next, I was standing in the barn next to a really funny looking cow with long, almost curly, horns.
And sheep were everywhere!
A little boy, just about my age, was kneeling outside the entrance to the cave and he was playing this little, beat-up drum with all his might and the baby was just giglling and smiling at him!
I thought that this was a wonderful thing so I turned to say something to the angel and noticed that he was silently crying. I mean, he was crying a lot! He looked over and saw my glance and took my hand once again and we rose up, up, high into the sky. So high, in fact, that now it was getting light…we were flying toward the sun! We stopped for just a moment and something horrifying happened!
The sun turned black and all was dark again. I looked over at the angel and he looked very serious, even maybe mad. Taking my hand once again we turned and flew a different direction and when we stopped I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was looking at angels just like my guide but there were so many and it seemed they just kept coming toward us and then past us. The scariest part was that they all had swords in their hands like they wanted to go to battle. I turned to see where they were going and saw the Earth.crossofcalvary I felt the angels hand upon mine and we were flying as fast as we could to the Earth.
Then I saw three crosses and I understood why the angels were angry and ready to fight.
They were wanting to fight for their King.
The baby in the manger was being murdered.
Next thing I remember is standing in another cave, but this one was empty. I turned again to my guide but Someone else was next to me holding my hand. He was smiling a smile that was even grander than the one the angel smiled from the tree and He said something that I will remember till the day I die.
“I love you, I died for you, and I live forever more for you.”
I instantly awoke and found myself silently crying in the late night of Christmas Eve, for now I understood the story of the ages.
I love you too, Jesus.
Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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  1. This is lovely. . .


    I hope you have a beautiful day!!! ❤


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