Have you ever wondered about what impact you are having in this world? Better yet…Do you even care if you are having an impact upon your world, your own little ‘neck of the woods’?
When people get to know you do they see a difference between your ‘Christianity’ and what the rest of the world has to offer them? I read a short little story this past week and I would like to share some of it with you………………………………………
There was once a class of wealthy children from what they call ‘old money families’ and their teacher loved them dearly. Now, one day, a new kid comes to class and he was not like the rest of the children at all….he wore old clothes, needed a haircut and he didn’t smell very good. He arrived with a note from the principal, explaining that he was the son of a migrant family of fruit-pickers, and admitted as a goodwill gesture in hopes of generating good publicity for the school. His name was Daniel; he would only be there a short time.

In the classroom the other children laughed at him, but at recess, Daniel gained stock. He led off the kickball game with a homerun and then a double. When the worst player on the team came to bat, the other children groaned, but Daniel encouraged him with kind words like “You can do it!”. At that moment Daniel became more than ‘the new kid’…he became a leader and it didn’t take long for the other kids to gravitate toward him.

At Christmas the teacher received the usual expensive gifts from her students. On the last day before holiday break, Daniel stayed until everyone else had gone. He came to the teacher’s desk with a polished rock and said, “This is for you. I found it and cleaned it up real nice. And teacher, tomorrow we’re moving on…but I’ll miss you.”

She never saw Daniel again, but this teacher told her students his story each year at Christmas. Usually one of the students will say, “I wonder where Daniel is today? I bet he’s somewhere real good!” She always says she thinks so too…and then whispers to herself, “He’s in my heart…”

Now, where were we?…….ah, yes…impacting our world. It really isn’t all that hard to do…….
In fact……………………………………………………………………………
I was in fourth grade in the Granite City school system and at our ‘Christmas party’ at school a young lady who was our teacher made a simple statement that has impacted my life for forty-plus years.
“Let’s pause just a moment and be silent and remember what Christmas is really about…”
(As an adult, I know now that she was seriously ‘pushing the edge of the envelope’ of the new separation of Church/state)
Funny, that is the only thing I remember about Mrs. Bolt.
And I will never forget her.
She impacted my life.
Now, let’s do the same this week somehow…
for Jesus’ sake….
let’s change our world.
One life at a time.Cross-ing
Story AWAY IN A MANGER adapted from kindle app;
2nd Baptist Church Devotionals 11-27-13

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