Taking the Week off……..Here’s a simple little story from 2011.

redwood morn


Henry C. Martin

Taylon had always liked to look out at the stars at night from the top of the castle
where she lived. For as long as she could remember, the night time sky made her think about adventure in far away places. Sometimes, however, she would look down at the forest that surrounded the castle and wonder about the creatures that lived there. The forest was always dark and scary… sometimes even in the daytime! But tonight she listened the owls ‘hoot’ to each other— one would cry out, “who, who” from one side of the forest, and then another would answer from behind her, far away on the other side of the forest with “who, who.” She could even hear the sound of other animals as they moved around on the other side of the castle wall, just behind the outer trees of the forest.
Then one night Taylon saw something she had never noticed before. It looked like it was maybe a half days walk into the deep forest. It was scary, yet beautiful at the same time. A big, bright light, almost like a huge bonfire was glowing deep in the forest. A shaft of light shot way up into the night sky. It looked like a highway to the stars! It was so pretty and colorful, with changing colors from a blinding white to a soft blue and then purple. She just had to find out what this light in the forest was! And she told herself, “I will go find that place where that light is, tomorrow” So she went to bed and fell fast asleep.
The next morning was bright and glorious! The sun was a big bright orange in the sky by the time Taylon had awakened. She ran downstairs and ate her breakfast as quickly as she could, then packing herself a lunch, she kissed her daddy goodbye for the day and headed out on her adventure. “Be careful today, Princess.” Her daddy said as she went out the door. “I will!” She said.
Taylon walked and walked until she needed to stop and rest. She knew that she wasn’t far from where she saw the light so she ate her lunch and it made her tummy happy. She watched the butterflies fly from one wildflower to the next and the bunnies playing in the clearing as she walked just a little farther.
Something told her she was very close. She was farther into the forest than she had ever been before. The trees around her were huge! She was just thinking to herself about how this was the most beautiful place she had ever seen when she saw it.
It looked like a big ball of lightning…..no, it was more like a ball of glowing ice.
Then something wonderful happened! The big ice ball of light spoke to her! It said, “Hello, Taylon, how are you today?”
“You, um, you know me?”
“Why, of course child. I know your family, your father the king and everyone in the castle.”
“But. how?” Was all Taylon could think of saying, but then she added, “Who are you, or what are you?”
The light ball laughed, “I am the light of life, and you Taylon, are very special. Very special indeed!”
Taylon realized that her little legs were really tired so she sat down in the soft, green grass. She looked at the ball and smiled, then she asked “Am I supposed to do something?”
“Yes, and no.” The ball said playfully.
“Well, which is it? You sure are funny.”
The light ball laughed. again. It was the most wonderful sound that Taylon had ever heard! Then it spoke again, “I want you to know me, Taylon. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do anything. Just learn to know me and know the difference between good and evil. All the rest will come to you. Remember this day that you met me, forever. Okay?
“Well, sure, I mean, okay. But, do you have a name?
“Yes I do, Taylon. It’s Ego-Emi”
Now it was Taylon’s turn to laugh. “That sure is a funny name. Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you, sir.”
It’s okay, Taylon. My name means I Am. And I will always be with you. Don’t ever forget that, okay?”
“Okay, I won’t. I just…” And then the light ball was gone. It just disappeared as she was speaking! Taylon felt so sad! Then she looked up and saw that the sun was getting lower in the sky so she hurried home.
“My daughter, welcome home.” The king said as his little girl walked through the door. “How was your adventure in the forest today?”
Taylon didn’t know if she should tell her dad about her meeting in the forest. But she knew deep down in her heart that she should never, ever keep any secrets from her father or mother so she said, “I, um, I met someone today. Someone very different than us daddy.”
“Oh, really? Who was it?” Her daddy was watching her very closely as she answered.
“He was a ball of light, daddy. And he said his name was Ego-Emi. Isn’t that a funny name daddy?”
Her dad smiled, and taking his little princess in his arms he picked her up and placed her on his lap. “And what did he tell you?”
“He said I should never forget meeting him today, and that he would always be with me. Isn’t that silly daddy?”
“I have met the Great King too, Taylon.”
“The Great King?”
“Yes. And it is a wonderful thing that he has done for you today, sweetheart. Because now that you have met him, you will always know him and you will always belong to him.”
“Is that good?”
“To know the Great I Am is very good! He will always protect you, always love you.”
“Certainly not more than you love me.”
“Oh yes, Taylon! He loves you more than your mother or I ever could. And you know what else?”
“No, what daddy?”
“Now that we know him, we will live forever with him.”
Taylon’s eyes got really big and she said, “Really?”
“I promise”
Taylon was now happier than she had ever been in her whole life because her daddy had never broken a promise.
That night, the light in the forest was gone, but that was okay, because Taylon knew that the light in the forest was now the light in her heart. The light of God’s love.

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