9/10 of the COMMANDMENTS….

Gas…food…house payment…electric…car(s) payment(s)….college…children…etc…
Surely God doesn’t need my money…right?
After all, didn’t He say that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills?
So, what’s this about ‘Ten Percent’? And, by the way…isn’t that Old Testament stuff???
Yes, we are. So, let’s look at the idea of tithing. To give the Lord that ten percent He mentioned in the Old Testament.
Just because it is in the O.T. doesn’t mean it does not include us. I mean, isn’t “Thou shall not commit murder’ in the O.T. also as another of the Ten Commandments? THAT hasn’t changed…right?
Let’s make this short and sweet and so easy even I can understand….
From what I remember…the New Testament church was willing to give it all to God…up to and including their very lives. After all, everything we have is from God!!! So, what’s the problem giving it back to Him?
We tend to want to hold on to everything we acquire and keep it for ourselves.
God doesn’t NEED our money. He does want us to help those who DO need our money. To give like He has given:completely and without reservation.
flag& cross
Think about the freedom that we enjoy here in this nation. It’s not free. It comes at a cost. And that cost is not cheap. Our nation’s sons and daughters are willing to give their all so we can keep our all.
Or give our all away.
That’s our freedom.
We get to choose.
Um, there is one thing that we have that was never given to us by our Creator.
Our sin.
He’s dying to take that away.
That is what God wants…
ME? I’m willing to give God WHATEVER He wants….
Starting with my sin so that He can take that away and give me the freedom to give all that I am to Him.

In case you’re wondering….
We ARE talking about tithing and giving at our Church this month.
I don’t believe in tithing.
That’s too small a gift for all I have been given in this life…in this nation.
Take it all Lord….
For God and Country.

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2 Responses to 9/10 of the COMMANDMENTS….

  1. Carrie says:

    So does this mean you give all your income to God? I don’t understand. Because I tithe 10% of my income but I give all of myself and offerings to help others. God may not need it but without a tithe what would the church do?


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