old r.r.
Is it me or is it the fact that the information superhighway isn’t always ‘safe’? Sometimes the most innocent looking emails are:
Oh, yeah……..
I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who sent the $2500 (each) to rescue me from the wilds of the Ukraine this past week.
Sure was cold…….
‘Course, I was nowhere near the Ukraine except, possibly, when I opened my freezer to get out the ice cream.
And a frozen pizza.
Not to mention a few dozen pieces of ice.
Never-the-less, I was hacked. Still working on the residual clean-up, gonna start a new e-mail account in the next few days…but…alas! I have lost all my contacts! Where are you guys?
Are you lost in the Ukraine too???
For all I know, someone is still looking at my mail (that I haven’t been getting) realizing that all their trouble to get into my personal life wasn’t really worth the trouble. Maybe they should simply try something else like, oh…I don’t know, maybe a job? (I’m sure our government has some cozy positions for people with these talents!).
Meanwhile I am reasonably confident that any critical financial information is secure.
All sixteen dollars and ninety-seven cents.
But, can we talk? This makes me think about a few things like;
How easily our attention/devotion to God can get railroaded for a few minutes/hours/days….
How much we depend on something that, let’s face it, isn’t really all that dependable…
and…..how much we depend on the integrity of strangers.
Hmmmm, there’s a word not used too much anymore.
Oh, I know….we hear the word used, but……
It isn’t necessarily a part of the human genome any longer.
But it is a part of God’s make-up.
In fact, you’ll never find Him doing anything less than honorable, pure, and holy.
When I go to get in contact with Him, I never have to worry about my personal information or my conscience getting railroaded.
praying child
In fact, when I am in prayer is the only time I feel truly protected.
No-one can steal my joy, my integrity, my personal information.
But I know someone who would like to try………..
And he can never hack into my prayers and steal all that I am.
But the internet?
That’s a different story.

for all you good folks out there who have my current email address….
Pitch it,
I’m getting a new one…..
But I’m keeping the same God.
Is it more like He is keeping me???

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