STUDIO 13 003 I have always liked this photo from my DJ years in the St. Louis area. I had one of the biggest mobile sound systems in the area. Two thousand (real) watts of amplifier power that could easily (and CLEANLY) nuke a four hundred seat venue! Now, it may have not looked like much, but it was the envy of many local bands in the area. For about twenty four years I entertained at countless weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, you name it….I’ve done it!
When I came back to my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ I began using my company to talk about the Lord. I even would throw in a couple comtemporary Christian songs as well as a very brief testimony at the end of the evening. That went over a lot better than I thought it would…at least most of the time.
Anyway, I always liked the innocent fun of Halloween. I admit it seems a little darker now than it used to be but when I was growing up it was all about the CANDY!
One Halloween about eighteen years ago, I thought it would be fun to take the old FENDER Twin-Reverb guitar amp out in the drive way and plug in my twenty dollar CASIO keyboard. THAT.WAS.FUN!!!!
And kinda loud.
Now, we live at the bottom of a hill behind a sub-division (in a ‘Holler’ if you’re, like me, from the country) and we NEVER got more than two or three trick-or-treaters…till that night: we had about ten.
I heard a voice inside me mention, “You know you have a whole P.A. in your basement…”
So, the following year out came ‘the rig’ and a lot of the fun-time Halloween songs from the fifties and sixties with a couple Christian songs thrown in (Carman has some good stuff for Halloween) at a couple thousand watts that reverberated throughout the neighborhood. You see, being at the bottom of a hill with a hill behind me I am in a natural ‘amphitheatre’ situation.
A tradition was born.
We had about twenty trick-or-treaters that year!
The following year we added lighting and simple decorations….we ended up that year and the following ten years or so getting about SEVENTY children coming down the hill (except on those years when it rained).
Every child got candy AND….the message of Jesus in the form of a gospel tract.
Now, I might add that if I was this loud ANY OTHER DAY OF THE YEAR….I would have definitely been visiting the local jail!!!!

In this day and age, we need to be creative with the gospel. So, this year when you give out candy to those little monsters and ghosts and Iron Man hopefuls, buy some of the little treat bags, put in some candy AND the message of Jesus through the innocence of a gospel tract.
Listen people; how many nights a year do you have the opportunity to reach not only your entire neighborhood, but an entire generation with the gospel message???
So, this year, stay at home and don’t go hide at your church, and evangelize your little part of the world.
I like to use the CHIC PUBLICATION (WWW.Chic Publications) cartoon tracts for kids…they have some wonderful Halloween material. But DON’T WAIT!!! You need to order them soon in order to get them before Halloween.
You can also go to your nearest Christian bookstore and get tracts.

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