After all, it took a good twenty years till I got my very own electric guitar! Sure, I’ve been playing around with my acoustic guitar since I was a teen but…you really need to know how to play more than three or four chords on one of those to sound good. So, a few years ago I bought a relatively cheap electric. Love it! Um….except for the fact that I couldn’t get the type of sound that I wanted
So……I purchased what is called an overdrive pedal. You know, one of those little box gizmo’s that the guitar plugs into and voila! it sounds better. Or not.
So I bought another kind of effects pedal and….and….sigh! Still not what I was hoping for. I still couldn’t get that big, loud, fat sound I was searching for.
Anyhow…I went to the house of an old friend the other day (one whom shared my love for music…we used to ‘jam’ together in the old garage band days…not the video game: the real stuff with amps and well…more amps) to deliver him a copy of HILL OF GREAT DARKNESS and the conversation naturally turned to technology and guitars. I expressed my current dilemma of not finding what I was looking for and he took me back into his studio and showed me one of his newest acquisitions: one of the newfangled digital toys that has like a bizillion different settings.
He fired up the old amp, I picked up his guitar, he pressed a couple buttons on pedalzilla and…and….

Like a wolf stalking a big, fat bunny…I was droolin’……
Two days later…
I was buyin’……..
SO, I went home and hooked up the small amp and hit a chord and….
Fell in love with music all over again.
Of course, that was with the ‘baby’ amp. Still haven’t had the chance to fire up the hundred watt, vintage Sunn amp yet but it’s a comin’….
rock_n_roll 1

All this sets my mind a rollin’…..
How about us?
I mean, as Christians we have the ability to tell people about Jesus. The fact is….we all have different ways of telling people about Jesus. Some tell the story softly. Some are telling it loudly. Sometimes we tell it one-to-one, sometimes to hundreds…even thousands…at a time.
The apostle Paul stated once: “I can be all things to all men”. Kinda like my new digital toy, he simply used a different ‘voice’.
One ‘voice’ at a place called MARS HILL was communicating the gospel of Jesus by showing the people how they were worshiping the ‘Unknown God‘…another voice was much softer as he spoke with some women who were washing clothes along the river.
Ask the LORD to give you the proper voice, or sensitivity, to tell the gospel message in the setting you are in.
He will help….but only when you ask.
After all, it is His-story
For now…think I’m gonna fire up that old Sunn amp…..
Wonder if we have earthquake insurance…..

Hey… how about next week I show you how I discovered the way to witness in Hawaii???
So, be a rockstar, tell somebody about the God Who loves them this week!!!!!
earth globe facing asia with sun halo

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