the conquerer
It’s a fearful thing.
And…it will stop you cold. It will stop you from reaching your dreams…in fact, the crippling effect of fear just might be more destructive than any thing else in your life.
If you’re afraid…you don’t try.
If you don’t try…you fail.
If you fail because you never try, you feel like a failure without even trying not to fail in the first place. Whew!!!
For six years I labored on my first novel, Hill of Great Darkness.
Often wondering if I was waisting my resources, my time, on a project that might never ‘sell’.
And yet, realizing that if I never wrote this idea down, it truly would be a failure and never even have the chance to ‘sell’.
Another thing that drove me onward was the thought of lying on my deathbed wondering…”What if?”
What if I would have at least tried?
What if I would have succeeded?
I had to try. Failure is always a possibility but….fearing failure is not an option.
If we don’t try, we can never fail…………………………..
If we don’t try, we can never succeed either.
We, as Christians, have an enemy that wants to steal, kill, and destroy.
Now, if you’re not a Christian, you have nothing to worry about from this aforementioned enemy in this life. You’re already on his side by default and he likes it that way. He won’t mess with you too much unless…
You one day come to the realization that there is more to this life than what you are currently experiencing.
You start to think about the things to come.
Sometimes you feel like you want to ask questions………….
But; you’re afraid to.
At Church today we were challenged to help the lost.
To keep our eyes and our hearts open to the ones who are asking questions.
To the ones who are seeking answers to their questions about;
But, I have to admit that I am always afraid of failing…saying something wrong, something dumb (I should be used to that one by now), even afraid of making an enemy.
Seems to me that somebody is trying to cause me to fail by causing me to never try in the first place.
I HAVE BEEN DOWN THIS ROAD BEFORE and I refuse to buy into the lie of fearing failure.
It is one thing to fail at writing a book because of fearing to even try in the first place.
It is quite another to fail to tell someone about Jesus because of fearing the outcome.
Wanna know the REAL outcome of their life if we fail to open our mouths because we’re afraid to?
Now there’s a thought for you to ponder while you lie upon your deathbed…..
How many people are going to hell because I was afraid to even open my mouth and tell them about the love of Jesus?
Just something to think about my friends.
After all, the Bible tells us that we are …more than conquerors!
Go out and conquer.
Tell about Jesus.
Shut down the gates of Hell.

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