lone ranger christians
We talked about loneliness today at church. Now, sometimes it is a good thing to be alone…to think, to pray, even to rest.
But it is not the way to live your live day in and day out.
Nor is it the proper way to live out your Christianity. I know because, from time to time, I’ve tried it. Oh, you know how it goes…someone lets you down and you begin to think that you really can’t rely on anyone. Or maybe you are the one who let someone down and you can’t bear the shame….so you hide.
And maybe you even quit going to church. Maybe you start watching the TV preachers and think to yourself; “This is just as good as being there, isn’t it?
Before long your relationship with the LORD begins to wane and now you even think He is giving up on you. The closeness, the love affair seems to be getting colder.
Bad thing is….
It’s not God who is causing the problem…the rift in your relationship.
You ever go camping? Sit out around the campfire as the stars come out one by one and just watch the flames lick up into the night sky and then…POP! The wood explodes and sends an ember or two out away from the fire. You sit there and watch as they go from bright orange to a dull red and then fade into the coolness of black. But, if you go over to one of those deadened embers and toss it back into the fire…
It begins to glow again and, soon enough, is every bit as brilliant as it was before it fell out (or was thrown out) of the fire.
And so it is with us.
We need each other!
We were never made to go it alone. There is strength in numbers and…there is protection.
How about watching wildlife programs? Ever watch the hunting/stalking tactics of predators? A lion rarely storms into a herd of anything.
It stalks…
and watches…
and waits….
Then…it sees what it has been looking for. That’s it…the one that is hurt and has walked away from the main herd…or crowd.
And is all alone.
But, not for long. Now it is the lion’s guest of honor at dinner. Or, more accurately, for dinner.
As Christians we are not supposed to go it alone. No man is an island and no Christian is either.
We are in a battle, a war, and we can’t fight it alone.
And we would be wise not to try to.
We need each other!!!
We are not designed to live out our Christian walk all alone.
You will be at church next Sunday, won’t you?

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