a chair of meeting You know, as Christians, we’re all guilty of it at some time or another. Whether it’s forgetting or…not having the time or…whatever…we’ve all done it. Or, should I say more correctly, not done it.
You run into someone who really needs to be lifted up in prayer and with all good intentions properly in place you say; I’ll keep you in my prayers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Then you forget all about it.
I know, I know….we don’t mean to forget this cry for help but,
the baby needs fed,
the kids need to get ready for school,
gotta get ready for work,
house needs cleaned,
grass needs mowing,
and the ‘to do’ list keeps going, and going, and going (I’m picturing the energizer bunny here) and well…now YOU get the picture.
We lie.
NO! THAT’S NOT WHAT I DID! Um, I just simply forgot.
Let’s look at this Biblically….to say we will do something and then not do it is (at best) deceit.
It really is lying.
So, how do we keep ourselves true to our words, our promises?
We pray for those people/situations/needs….immediately!
One of the things that I do is to NOT say “I’ll pray for you” but rather, “Let me pray for you” and then do it right there and then!
I don’t care if it is in the middle of Wal-Mart.
I don’t care if it is at work.
I remember once at a restaurant, about to enjoy lunch with an elderly couple from the church I was pastoring at the time (I was the interim or as I like to say, the stunt pastor), giving thanks to the Lord for the meal we were about to receive. Now, I didn’t make a show of it…. and there was certainly nothing ‘special’ about the prayer nor was it loud and boisterous. But… at the table next to us was another older couple who were watching. When we were preparing to leave, the lady next to us asked if I would pray for her too.
Now, think with me for a moment, people.
What if we lived out our Christianity in the real world so that the people around us were witnesses to the grace of God in our lives.
What if more unchurched people in America started asking us to pray for them.
Let me ask you something; would you say “I’ll pray for you”? or would you actually forget about where you are/who is around you and pray for them right there and then?
Let’s be true to our word.
If we say we are gonna pray……………..
Then, PRAY and don’t lie!

When I am going through something that is hard, and I am looking for back-up….
the LAST thing I want to hear is someone saying; “I’ll pray for you”.
But, on the other hand,
If someone prays for me then, I know they’re willing to pray for me when they’re all alone with Jesus.

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