God is SO COOL!!! vol. XXXVII

critter umbrellaI do a lot of business with private industry in my area. I like to relate to people who have dreams and go out on the proverbial limb to chase those dreams doing what they love to do. I also love gardening. Not much gardening, a few tomatoes, peppers, veggies and a whole lot of flowers. I have always loved flower gardens since my earliest days of remembrance in my grandma’s flower garden. In fact, some of the flowers in my garden are from granny’s garden and are (substantially) older than I.
I know, I know….but you write Sci-fi and you grow flowers?
Well, let me tell you two things; on one hand, my entire back yard (about a quarter acre) smells incredible on hot mid-western summer evenings. On the other hand, I love to give my sweetheart flowers for no reason except to say, you know; “I LOVE YOU”……and I REFUSE to pay the extremely high prices that are demanded for bouquets from any local merchant…um, unless I have to (and that would be during winter).
Winter is, uh…I mean, can be beautiful…it just needs to stay a little further north than St. Louis.
Like, Canada.
Or Pluto…yeah, that would work……………….
Anyway, back to doing business.
I have a few people that I go to in the spring/early summer to purchase plants.
And…in case you haven’t figured it out yet…. I like to talk.
I like to talk….A WHOLE LOT.
I like to see where people are on this journey we call life.
Some people like to talk, but others don’t.
I remember one person who gave me (quite nicely) the old “I don’t discuss religion or politics.
That’s cool with me but….can we talk?
As far as this person was concerned, I did not pursue those two issues with her anymore.
But I did talk to God about her.
Asked Him to change her attitude so I could talk about Jesus with her.
I also asked Him to change my attitude about how I share His gospel message.
And I did wear one of my Jesus t-shirts everytime I went to buy from her. But I never mentioned ‘religion’ anymore.
I’m a thinkin’ that was at least five years ago.
And a year or two went by…
On one of my many visits to her to buy some of the best flowers around, she started talking about the t-shirts I wear and wanted to know if I ever got harassed because of my beliefs.
That one caught me off guard.
So did her next statement about how she used to be a youth leader at her church.
Here I thought I was gonna tell her about Jesus and SHE ALREADY KNEW HIM!!!

All of this was a couple years ago. Now, few weeks back, I was meandering ’round her place looking for something to fill in some holes in the old garden. It was a slow day with no-one around and we began to have a conversation about….are you ready for this?
POLITICS AND RELIGION (I know what you’re thinkin’….but it was SHE that started the conversation!).
You see, instead of ‘forcing’ my faith upon her, I just lived it and God did the rest.
I gotta admit, I was truly honored AND humbled by the LORD on that day.
God really is so cool!!!
If………………………………..you simply let Him be God.
Oh, one more thing….as if our political/Jesus Christ conversation wasn’t enough, she told me a very personal story ’bout how she came to know Jesus as her Savior.
She went to a church one day that wasn’t her ‘regular’ church. She supposed it may have been V.B.S. (Vacation Bible School)
because she had never been there before but the gospel message was told to her in a way she (as a young girl) could understand it so she gave her heart to Jesus that very day!!!
Since we were both from the same neck of the woods (she being a couple years older than I….LORD, please don’t let her read that part I just wrote about her being older!) I asked her about the church where all this happened.
It was at a little country church on the outskirts of town……..
……………………it was at the same church where I grew up hearing all about the Son of the Living God.
What are the chances of that????
I’m a tellin’ ya’all…
Hope ya know Him.

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