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The July 4th experience has always been a pivotal part of my summers since I was in first grade. You see, to me it always marked the half-way point of summers’ passing. Sure, it’s a national holiday marking our nations’ independence…just the same, in my school years it tolled the death knoll of my summer vacation. So many adventures to be had…..and so little time in which to have them!!!
But not so much now as then. Now I sit and reflect on the importance of the day to our nation as opposed to my own selfish little world. You know what? I often think about the part that General Jesus Christ played in our bid for freedom from the British tyranny that tried to govern us into oblivion…
……………………………………SAY WHAT???????
SOMEBODY had to have stacked the deck in order for America to be born. We were a bunch of rebels and businessmen, militia and politicians, and we were about to kick the most powerful nation in the world of that day in the….um…uh…knees. Yeah, that’s a safe way to put it…..in the knees
Or, let’s think of it this way……
Tomorrow morning we get a letter from Fidel Castro demanding our surrender or he will invade our land. Naturally, we laugh. Hysterically.
The next morning he invades our country with a couple thousand men.
And he wins.
Against all odds.
And yet; that is what happened in the Revolutionary War. We won and there was no way in a very, VERY, hot place that we should have. Time was on our side. Accidents were on our side. Mistakes were made by a very powerful foe that were advantageous for our cause.
No human being could have orchestrated that victory.
But it happened.
Our Founding Fathers called it; DIVINE PROVIDENCE.
That’s right, the politicians that began and ended this fight for independence were trusting in God.
The God of the Bible.
The God that our national leaders who listen to special interest groups are now attempting to silence.
I really don’t think that the God of the Bible is worried about being thrown out of America.
But we, His children, should be.
Have you ever been to the National Mall in D.C.?
God’s Word is etched EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!
How does one ignore that?
We choose to believe whatever we want AND to ignore whatever we want.
But…..truth is truth whether you believe it or not.
So, now you’re saying “Henry…what is this all about? Where are you going with this?!!!”
I’m about to tell you.
Every day as part of my time with the LORD, Besides a simple Bible reading plan I also use a devotional book titled OUR DAILY BREAD and today it had a quote from a former NASA Shuttle Astronaut named Guy Gardner after he experienced seeing the universe around him while in space. This is the quote;
“It’s very hard to think this must have happened by chance….You realize at the same time that there had to be a Master Designer, a Creator of this planet. And to me that makes life all the more special. Because that tells me that instead of me being something that just came along in the course of time to live and die, that instead of a meaningless existence, I have Someone–who cares for me–who has made me and cares about me. Someone I can go to with my troubles, and my cares, and my joys.”
Then….I thought about that statement on a National Level; We are endowed by our Creator…Who made us (our nation), Who cares for us…Someone we, as a people, can still go to with all our troubles, cares, and joy.
It’s never to late when God is in the equation.
The God of the Bible.
Go to Him today…He’s waiting, longing to hear your voice speaking His Name.
Crying out for help….
OH……and by the way……don’t forget to tell Him that you love Him………………..
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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