Making Jesus Smile (it’s easier than you think!) _________ II Corinthians 9:7 part 1

IMG_1381 Ah, the joy of Summertime. I recently finished up a weekend trip to the Illinois countryside a few weeks back and have been thinking about the (all too short) trip. You see, every June, the men of Freeburg Community Bible Church get together for a men’s retreat on some private land down in a rather unincorporated, fairly remote (as in Jurassic Park) area of Illinois. It is a much needed time of fishing, relaxing, and eating (yay!!!)…as well as these men spending some very important time with their sons on a good, old-fashioned camping trip.
We also talk about God a lot.
The God of the Bible.
A lot.
A whole lot…….
We share life stories as we walk on the trail along the edge of a twenty acre lake. We share our hopes, our disappointments, our trials, our fears…………..and we talk about God.
The God of the Bible.
And His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Oh, and by the way…we laugh a lot.
We laugh………………………………a whole lot.
Sometimes at ourselves, sometimes at those crazy things that a bunch of guys do when their wives aren’t around (like tying one end of fishing line to a fake tarantula the size of a man’s hand and letting about ten feet of line fall out of your pocket as you walk past some of the men…the line tightens and the spider starts to walk…all this done in the early evening when the light is fading…do you have any idea how many grown men jump out of chairs and scream like little school girls?) and no-one is trying to act like they are important. Or super…..
But, wait!…. lets stop here for a moment and rethink that last statement, especially in light of the recent theatrical release entitled MAN OF STEEL. Listen, one of the greatest gifts anyone can give is themselves. Some of these men who look forward to this weekend look to it for a very special reason; to spend time with their son(s). These men give a part of themselves away…and…they are glad to do it.
These are times that I am truly honored and much humbled to be a part of. To (re)connect with old friends with whom I have served the LORD together with in recent years (yes, I realized that I used the word with 3 times in one sentence). I get to see them teaching their sons the way of the Living God.
The God of the Bible.
And His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
AND….as if that is not enough…I get to do some of the teaching these men receive on that special weekend. You see, I love to teach the Word of God and, to be able to be a (very small) part of raising up some of America’s next generation is an exciting part of God’s plan that I get to be a part of.

‘This is the day that the LORD has made’ and for all we know…it could be our very last.
My question is; would you be willing to give it away in service to your King?
After all…He is the One Who gave it to you in the first place.
You see, it’s not your money God is interested in.
It’s you……….
It’s your love He desires more than anything else.
So…LOVE, LAUGH, and let Him LEAD you.
Insane Faith….it’s really not that crazy if you think about it………….

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