The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life Begins and Ends…HERE

42198_earth-moon I just finished part two of a three part mini series from the sci-fi channel entitled TIN MAN. A very interesting twist on the Wizard of Oz fantasy. I’ve seen it before, but now I own it on blu-ray and enjoy it just as if it was the first time seeing it. Now, this twist of fiction makes me think of another twist…another turn that humanity made back in Genesis. No…it wasn’t necessarily by choice, but it was a change in reality none the less. In Genesis chapter 6 begins a slant of humanity, an offshoot of humanity that has become to be known as the Nephilim; a hybrid race of angels/humans that, if you read Scripture and take it literally, were giants.
And in Genesis 6:4 it seems to say that this hybrid race was around after the flood as well.
Hmmm…that makes for a good story. But doesn’t Jesus allude to the fact that Angels don’t procreate…or at least don’t marry (Matthew 22:30)? Lets look at three things here.
1; If angels don’t marry, they would not have sexual relationships amongst themselves since sex outside the boundaries of marriage is sin in the eyes of God.
2; Jesus said that the angels of God do not marry…could it be that He never said anything about the Satanic forces that left God’s kingdom? Look at Jude verse 6…there are angels that left their own domain and hey, let’s not forget to mention the angels (good or bad) who have appeared throughout Scripture as men.
3: According to Genesis 6:4, these giants on the Earth were around when God put His decree out that a judgement was coming AND it says they were around afterward.
Think with me for a moment (even if it is outside the box…), if Scripture says that all flesh was destroyed by the flood, how did these giants still populate Earth even up until the Israelites left Egypt and sent spies into the promised land (Numbers 13) and let’s not forget Goliath at the time of a shepherd boy named David (circa 1000 B.C.)!
Is it possible that these giants were still being created by the demons that left their original abode?
I know, this is the kind of stuff Science Fiction is made of but…the Bible is never wrong…and it says that it happened.
Let’s do one more bizarre thought…last week we saw how God would never condemn an innocent race of people in a universe that had become cursed because of Adam and Eve. But what if that (or even those) race(s) of aliens were not aliens at all? What if they were still a (hybrid) part of the fallen human race? THAT, my friends, would change everything.
You know, Satan likes to imitate God on every level. Wouldn’t that…couldn’t that, include creating a race of humans that were now in his own image? And, by the way…where did they go??? it possible that at some time they are going to come a-callin’…

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