ALIENS…pt 2 Really?

man and galaxy War of the Worlds/2001 a Space Odyssey/E.T/Close Encounters of the Third Kind/Day the Earth Stood Still/Star Wars/Flash Gordon/Signs/Independence Day/First Men on the Moon/Forbidden Planet/ oh, lets not forget the entire Alien franchise……………………………..
Stonehenge/Easter Island/The Pyramids/Almost anywhere in Central or South America/Under the Oceans/Up in the Arctic/Atlantis/Ancient Legends/Modern Myths……………………………..
All over this old world there seems to be some kind of ‘evidence’ of alien (or extraterrestrial) life. Um…that would be life from another world or another galaxy. Movies are full of the fantastic stories of invasions/abductions/visits of friendly and not-so-friendly other world people or critters. Whole lotta fun goin’ on, but…is there REALLY anyone (or thing) out there?
I just want to take a moment and weigh in on what I see in the Bible about the possibility of someone else…’out there’.
I like science fiction…uh…I think we’ve established that by now…and I really like going where no one has gone before…again. already verified; so what kind of proof is there in the only Book I would EVER stake my life on, that points to the possibility of other civilizations in the cosmos?
Now, before we go any farther down the warp drive corridor, there are some really interesting portions of Scripture that seem to be pointing out spacecraft or space peoples (Ezekiel’s ‘wheels within wheels’ as well as numerous Revelation passages) but just how clear can the Bible be about this particular subject?
Pretty clear.
In fact, it seems REALLY clear to me what the Bible has to say.
But…before we go out into space, let’s go back in time. Back to the Book of Genesis. The Book of Beginnings. This is where, I think, we may be able to find our answer. Maybe.
In chapter 18 of Genesis, verses 16-33 there is an interesting conversation between a man called Abraham and the LORD; the God of the Bible. This is where the Biblical narrative tells us of Abraham pleading for the city of Sodom, asking God if He would still destroy the city if there were 50 “righteous” (or let’s use the term…innocent) people in the town. Citing to God “Far be it from You to do such a thing as this, to slay the righteous with the wicked…” (NKJV). He even bartered his way down to 10 innocent people in Sodom and God said He would not destroy it for the sake of ten (righteous/innocent) people.
Now, that being said…the Bible seems to make it clear that when mankind fell in the Garden of Eden, all of creation (yes, sports fans…that would mean the entire universe) fell as well and began to decay or suffer ‘corruption’…see Romans ch.8:19-21 (entropy? somebody please correct me if I am using the wrong scientific phrase here!!!). Now, taking what we have learned about God not destroying the ‘innocent’ with the wicked…if there are civilizations “out there”…they would be dying as well because of a curse that God placed upon them……….all because of Adam and Eve.
In other words…if the universe ‘fell’ that would include anyone else living in that universe.
OH!!!! There is one small caveat with this proposition…there was (or…is) a race of human/angelic hybrids that were called Nephilim. Neph…who? Maybe we’ll go down THAT wormhole next week…..
One final thought for your week…with the Satanic forces that the Bible says are mankind’s enemy, we really don’t even need any bad guy aliens trying to steal our home-world away from us. In fact, they would be the least of our worries!

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