The Rock, two grasses, and the Flag

IMG_1166 Here in this picture is something to ponder as we remember those who have paid the price for our freedom. The Rock is Jesus; the Solid Rock. The two grasses represent the two people that were crucified alongside Jesus of Nazareth…grasses that are here today and gone tomorrow…just like our lives; we don’t ever know how long we have on this planet…whether our next breath, heartbeat, is to be our last. And more than that, two different decisions…one to ask for forgiveness and one to go on to eternity without hope. The Rock is also the foundation that the Flag stands upon. Our nation was/is founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ; founded on the Bible. Our founding fathers wrote time after time of their faith in the God of the Bible. Of course, modern rewriting of history tends to leave that part out. But the Truth remains. America was founded on the principles of Christianity. Not Islam, nor Hinduism…not anything else.
There is a recent historical movie out there in rentamovieville called MONUMENTAL. And I must admit, there are a few things in this movie that I never knew.
Something else I see is that America’s history has been rewritten to get God out of the picture. Hmm….
Our current government tends to follow that line of thinking as well. Now I’m not saying the Dem’s are doing it, nor am I saying the pubs are doing it….it is across the board.

Our leaders think we don’t need God anymore.
Sooo, let’s remember a few things as we enjoy a day off of work.
A small band of men one day went up against the world power of their day. This world power (ahem…that would be England in case the history book you’re reading left that part out too) made mistakes and messed up a lot…not to mention strange things that happened during the Revolutionary War that tipped the odds in the favor of these patriots. Now, the men of that long past day saw the Providential hand of God working for them and they constantly pointed to Him as the true Source of our victory…our freedom. BUT… our modern day history books handily leave that part out.
HEY!!!! When was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? When was the last time you walked the Mall area of Washington D.C.? THE WORD OF GOD IS EVERYWHERE IN OUR NATION’S CAPITOL, AND IN OUR FOUNDING FATHER’S WRITINGS.
Find the documents from the time period of our birth and see what, or should I say WHO really made America great.
While you are thanking those who have fought for our freedom and continue to fight…
Take a moment to thank God…the God of the Bible…for everything we have.
Oh, and remember…that foundation that we are built upon? He IS our only hope.

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