COOKIE CUTTER CHRISTIANS…Our Role in a Post Modern World

cookie cutter ChristiansOkay, so here we are in 2013 and we are waiting for Jesus. What else are we doing?
Are we evangelizing?
Are we witnessing?
If you listen to the media here in America, the ONLY thing Christians are doing is causing trouble…yeah…going to funerals with hate posters…slinging slurs at this politician or that actress, or telling people they are going to hell and we are glad about it…anyhow, I think you’re getting the picture. The media has no idea what REAL CHRISTIANITY is all about. Or do they? Maybe that’s because all they want to do is misrepresent, or slant, the truth (for whatever reason), so they only show what they want and label that ‘CHRISTIANITY’.
So, again I ask…what ARE we, the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, doing? This week we are starting a two part (yes, I can count that high) series about our role in the world by looking at the foundation of our faith. And, by the way, I’m going back farther than you might imagine.
Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Israel, is the Author and Finisher of our faith but…we’re not starting with His ministry on Earth. Nope. Not going to the Cross, or the empty Tomb that He is famous for walking out of. No, no, no…we are going back to Moses and his walking out of Egypt with a couple million of his family members. Um, and a lot of sheep. And cattle. And Egypt’s gold.
We are going back to the nation of Israel and looking at what THEY were supposed to be doing. And by doing this, maybe we can get a better handle on what WE’RE supposed to be doing…maybe even get a little more insight on WHY it’s all going down the way it is…but that part’s for next week.
So…where were we….oh, yeah…
The nation of Israel was created by God Himself to bring glory to Himself. Listen sports fans…Israel was supposed to EVANGELIZE the world by telling about the Creator. Telling people about the God Who made mankind in His own image.
But…something went wrong.
And no…it wasn’t God.
It was people.
People just like you and me who all too often have their own agendas. People just like you and me who have an issue with PRIDE. Yep. Plain and simple………………………………P.R.I.D.E.
Can you imagine an entire nation of people who saw, with their own eyes, the power of Almighty God wrecking havoc with the most powerful nation on the planet at that time, and He was doing it for them, the Hebrews! Then, the incredible forty year journey through the desert…having to supply food and water for millions of people AND critters…EVERY DAY. Now, this story was handed down through the centuries by fathers to their children so that they would not forget what the God of Abraham had done for them.
They were also supposed to share that with the world.
Unfortunately, somewhere along the well-trodden pathway of time, THEY STOPPED SHARING THE STORY.
Perhaps, they began to think they were special…after all, God did this for the Children of Jacob…the Hebrews…not the other people of the world. Pretty soon, if you weren’t Jewish, you weren’t told the story because…you weren’t Jewish…you were a Gentile.
Now, what does this possibly have to do with Jesus’ Church here in 2013?
Come back next week and find out….

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3 Responses to COOKIE CUTTER CHRISTIANS…Our Role in a Post Modern World

  1. Jennine says:

    I can’t wait to read the next part!


  2. Terry Albl says:

    We should all ask ourselves ” If everyone were like me would Christianity survive.” Your witness, evangelism, tythe, service, encouragement?


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