darth That’s right book fans…I love movies. I love books too, but…can we talk? With a movie I can get the whole story in about two hours. Now, I’m a pretty good reader but there is no way I can read an entire novel in that span of time. I will confess though…I usually HATE movies when I have read the book first. Case in point; Jurassic Park. Fun movie but nothing near the terror level created in the book by the late Michael Crichton. If you compare the two, the movie is a Three Stooges Comedy in contrast to one of the bloodiest and intense books I have ever read. True, the book had it’s slow moments, however, I recall vividly the Jurassic carnage that would sneak up on you without warning. There are actually parts of the original book’s story line in the two sequels (of which, by the way, the third movie is BY FAR my favorite) that were spawned (very punny) in the franchise.
But enough of the past…I want to talk about the present and the future. For the present, I really liked the movie Signs, in fact, I was so into the flick that I was ready to start witnessing for Jesus when the film ended. The movie revolves around the fact that “everything happens for a reason.” As a Christian, that is called ‘The Sovereignty of God’! Sometimes the pagans get it right and don’t even know it…HA! And how about the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds? Knowing the spiritual shortsightedness of Mr. Cruise, I was totally caught off-guard by the ending line that paralleled the original version that stated something to the fact that ‘God, in His wisdom, created natural micro-biological weapons in Earth’s atmosphere to prevent an invasion by any alien species that would come knocking on our door’ (not a direct quote, but pretty much the idea). A line from the book, written by a man who turned from Christianity to Atheism and died as one (maybe…if he was truly saved at one part of his life,did he lose his salvation…I don’t think so).
How about Star Wars? Episode I had Anakin Skywalker’s mom say that she had never ‘been’ with a man (in the Biblical context…)…that was when I shouted aloud in the theatre; “They stole that idea” and felt as if I had, at the very least, brought the thought of God/Bible into someones mind that was watching the movie. I would also like to mention the epic battle going on between good and evil. They got that from somewhere, folks!
Oh….Can we do one more, pleeeese? The most recent movie that I had the opportunity to see in the theatre (I probably do one or two at most, per year) was last summers highly touted Prometheus. Regardless of whether it lived up to its pre-release hoopla, I liked this flick…it had space, good guys, bad guys, aliens, monsters, and a not so subtle tie in to Christianity. That’s right; a main part of the movie had to do with one woman’s “faith’. Her being raised as a missionary kid and her cross necklace was somewhat of a subplot of the movie that I applaud. While not saying “Christianity”, we KNEW what they were alluding to! Pretty cool, if you ask me.
So, lets tie all this up, shall we? There is no stopping us as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ from using everything around us in our culture to point lost people to the Savior!!! One of my favorite things to do when watching a movie is to find something spiritual to use against mankind’s true enemy. Believe me, folks…with the enemy we have that the Bible tells us about… we don’t need no alien enemies (yes, I said it that way on purpose, my little personal tribute toBack to the Future)…we’re in bad enough trouble already.
By the way…did I mention that the new Star Trek is being released during my birthday weekend? God is soooo good!
And, if i see you at the show on that weekend…I’ll let you buy me some popcorn. And chocolate…I love chocolate…yummmmm.

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