Jesus in Rio
So here we go again…us Christians against the free world, or…at least… free enterprise. Has anyone read about the hoopla surrounding Starbucks supposedly not wanting Christian sales or money? Now, honestly I don’t know the validity of, or the entire scope of, the story…but there are a few things that I would like to point out to all my brothers and sisters out there who want to boycott Starbucks because of their anti-Christian stance.
First; WAKE -UP! The WHOLE world (agenda) is against Christianity.
Second; How many of you Christians deal only with/ buy only from other Christians and Christian companies?
Third; So the mindset of a company represents something other than a godly agenda…again; WAKE UP!!! How many of you all go to the movies? Don’t you know that you are supporting the evil, evil lifestyles of your favorite mainstream movie actors/ actresses?
Fourthly; We are talking about INDIVIDUALS not GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES that would be misusing our (ahem…God’s) money. We are not responsible for what an (unsaved) individual does with his hard earned money…they have to answer to the LORD for what they do.
We are simply buying a product that we like…unless, of course…coffee is sinful…and it is not.
Do you drive an automobile? Maybe you should ditch that sucker and buy a (Christian) horse! Don’t you know how all those automobile tycoons live??? YOU ARE SUPPORTING THEIR lifestyles!!!
Fifthly; You don’t want Starbucks coffee…GOOD!!! MORE FOR ME!!!
All of the aforementioned is silly and vain (not to mention a lot of fun for me to write)…and…listen to me sports fans; IT JUST MIGHT BE SINFUL IN NATURE. Say what???
Are you a Christian? What are we, as Christians…followers of the LORD Jesus Christ, supposed to be doing? We are supposed to be “Salt and Light” in the world….right?
So, how can we do that if we alienate every single person that angers us…every single person that hurts our feelings (boo-hoo I’m crying now)…every single person that doesn’t agree with us? We can’t.
But I know what we can do…
A few months back the tables were turned…it was a move against a CHRISTIAN company. Do you remember? Chick-fil-A
And how did THAT turn out? Pretty good, since the love of God won through the hatred of man. Truth always DOES win. But not if we forget our marching orders…remember? Salt and Light.
How will we as Christians EVER be able to witness if we don’t show the Love of God to those who don’t know Him…you know, like going into Starbucks and buying their wonderful (if not overpriced) products? I’m not talking about going in with one of those four hundred pound altar Bibles and plopping them down on the counter while you order your favorite drink…NO! Go get a cup of coffee, smile, and then say ‘thank you’ and ‘God bless you’ as you walk out.
We are not to repay evil with evil And YES…if you start being hateful against a company just because they hate Christianity (and might I remind you that it is Jesus they hate not you) you are just as bad…if not WORSE…than the pagans who hate God…and that IS evil!
So…fall deeper in love with your Savior and reach out to the lost. Be all He wants you to be…and grab a cup of coffee while you’re at it.

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  1. Terry Albl says:

    Everything is to provde an atmosphere for God to work. When we try to change that;…. Do we know better than God what brings people to Himself. We are called to many things, those things reveal who called us to them.


  2. 4endtimeuser says:

    Absolutely right! Now, it is up to us to be Jesus to the world! We have the choice as to how we respond in any and all situations. Check it out…the Priests and Pharisees had control of the temple, and many of them were evil, yet…that didn’t stop the Son of God from going there to worship..He still went there and still continued being the Light of Truth…even when He was hated! When this supposed Starbucks story broke, WAY TOO MANY of my brothers and sisters in Christ immediately jumped in and were doing EXACTLY what the enemy wanted them to do; filling facebook with hatred. Think about that!!!…repaying evil with evil is NOT a representation of who we are SUPPOSED to be representing, but it does show the flesh and it’s corruption. It is one thing to lose your temper and say something stupid in the heat of the arguement…it is QUITE ANOTHER to sit down at the keyboard and plot out hatred for the world to see. NO WONDER PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT REAL CHRISTIANITY IS ALL ABOUT…they sure don’t see it on facebook…and to be completely honest with y’all…they don’t always see/hear it from/in me.


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