WAR IS HELL…so, when did we forget that (and what else have we forgotten)?

nuke 2 This episode came from 1961 and I was two years old when it hit the screen. I’m not sure how long the series lasted, but I rediscovered it this past weekend on a cable channel. The series? COMBAT! It was a retelling of the horrors of WWII (you know, the war to end all wars; part II the sequel) as well as the humanity and inhumanity involved in the battle.I was awestruck by the way the show portrayed the tenderness as well as the cruelty…the beauty as well as the ugliness of war in the European Theatre.
So…I wanted to take a moment on this Sunday to remember the past. You see, today is Holocaust Remembrance Day and I wanted to make sure we remember why America is still the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Yes…this is all tied together, so bear with me a moment, won’t you?. George Santayana once said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and this, my friends is where we find our country right now; forgetting our past…forgetting who we are and Who it was that gave us our power, and our freedom.
At one time, not so long ago the peoples of the world waited anxiously for America to come to their aid. America stood for something even greater than herself. Now, the peoples of the world simply want the blood of America to spill from sea to shining sea; where they once wanted our help, now they want our demise. Why?
Oh yeah, now back to COMBAT!…I believe the episode’s title was No Glory Hallelujah. A story of a woman war correspondent wanting to see some of the “action on the front lines.” This is what I saw (and also remember stories of from people who were “over there”); there were people in a small French town who were afraid to come out of their homes because of the coming Germans, but were exhilarated with the presence of a small army group (in fact, townsfolk were singing and waving American flags) who went to rescue the lady correspondent that had brazenly went into town looking for a story…and boy did she get one! Because of the lady’s actions some of the secret French resistance were ‘outed’ and then turned over to the Germans after the Americans left. So, Vic Morrow (who years later was killed on the movie set of the first Twilight Zone movie…and incidentally (weirdly) enough there were commercials for the Twilight Zone T.V. show during this program) and the guys went back to rescue the town only to find the Germans had mostly left, but had killed the townsfolk who had been outed by a traitor. Now, on the way to town, there were a few bad guys killed…and you know what? The army guys who did the killing looked like they hated doing the dirty death deed. They looked like REAL AMERICAN HEROES doing what HAD TO BE DONE. Vic Morrow’s character had a few well chosen words to the media reporter about real, innocent, everyday-type people dying…all because of her story.
When I was two years old, my mother died while my dad was doing the Army thing in a place called Viet Nam. As he was mostly gone, I remember my aunt taking me to the doctor on a small military base for a check up. I can remember the big American Flag flying high above that base and knowing that as long as that flag was flying up above, I would always be safe. Now, my friends…I’m not so sure.
We have a generation that seems to have forgotten our heritage…a government that has forgotten and/or ignored her call and her people.
Where do we go from here? Well, I don’t know about you all, but I go to the Author and Finisher of my faith and cry out to Him to help us find our way back to the right paths.
Maybe this week you will hear stories of the gratitude of the Jewish men, women, and children who were rescued by American soldiers from Nazi death camps. Those soldiers of a day long gone by were heroes. And so are the men and women who serve this mighty nation in this day and age. It’s THEIR lives on the line to keep you and I free.
Our American freedom isn’t free. It demands a high price to be paid. It demands a blood payment..upfront…with no guarantee of tomorrow. Especially if we turn our backs on God. The God of the Bible. The One Who is referenced on countless marble and stone walls all over our Nations Capital. I guess our politicians have forgotten how to read. And…how to listen.
I just hope we who are the real America…the ones who live real lives… haven’t forgotten…..

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